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Instagram Confirms It’s Phasing Out Live Filters On iOS, But There Is A Workaround… For Now

Instagram looks good on iPhone 5, but there’s something missing.

As we reported on Tuesday, Instagram has updated its iOS app to introduce support for iPhone 5 and iOS 6. It’s a welcome update to those enjoying a new 4-inch display, but it’s not all good news: Instagram also pulled live filters from the iPhone 5. It has since confirmed that live filters will soon be phased out of the iOS app  [Read More…]

Apple Slowly Phasing Out Mac Purchase Rebates

Apple recently ended its $100 off a printer promotion when purchasing a Mac. The promotion usually runs yearly but no one is entirely sure why Apple decided to stop it. The company usually sells a few $100 printers in their retail stores and they advertise the promotion for Buy a Mac, get a free printer. Although Apple is putting a stop to the program, they will continue to sell printers in their retail and online  [Read More…]