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Apple Watch is ‘phenomenal’ but not a threat, says TAG Heuer CEO

Swiss watchmakers have been tripping over themselves to dismiss the Apple Watch as a threat, but TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver has come out with what I think is one of the fairer assessments of Apple’s debut wearable device to date. His take? That the Apple Watch is hella bad news if you’re a low-priced […]

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Who Deserves More Credit for Apple’s Phenomenal Success?

Steve Jobs was a genius — no doubt about that. Apple was six months from bankruptcy when he took over as CEO in 1997. Under his leadership, Apple became one of the world’s most powerful companies, the most trusted brand,…Read more ›

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Steve Jobs Did Phenomenal Work, Says Bill Gates

Author Malcolm Gladwell made some waves when he said that history would remember Microsofts Bill Gates more fondly than it would Steve Jobs. The remark was founded on Gates philanthropic bent of late, and was meant to praise Gates more than villify Jobs. Yesterday, talk-show host Charlie Rose posted an interview with Bill Gates. The interview is an hour long, and touches on a lot of issues, including technology, as we would suppose.  [Read More…]