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Use New Gestures To Enhance Your Photo Booth Experience In Lion [OS X Tips]

Here are two new trackpad gestures that will make using Photo Booth a lot easier when you are using it in full screen mode.   If you focus the mouse over the special effects in Photo Booth Mac OS X Lion will now let you use a two-fingered swipe to the left or to the right on your trackpad to navigate through all the different special effects. Once you find  [Read More…]

Apple Sued For Using Copyrighted Photo In An iPhone Ad

Apple’s no stranger to lawsuits, but this one’s a bit bizarre: a New York photographer is suing Cupertino for using one of her copyrighted photos in an iPhone advertisement. But does she have a case?   The photographer is named Taea Thale, who took a photograph of the band members behind “She and Him”… a band that Apple featured in an advertisement last year for the iPhone 3GS. During this ad, Thale’s photographs pops up after the iPhone model loads  [Read More…]

iPhone 5 Spy Photo

9to5mac has just posted a Photo of what could be the iPhone 5, The photo was taken by someone who said that a likely to be an Apple employee was using the new device on his way home from work. iphone5 1 We contacted the tipster by phone and checked his background. We believe  [Read More…]

Adobe sponsors iPhone Photo Seminar & Photo Walk

Adobe wants to help iPhone photographers improve their pics. The company, which recently released Photoshop Elements 9 on the Mac App store, is sponsoring a series of events called Photoshop & You in San Francisco until Aug. 6. On Friday, July 29, you can first learn more about the mobile camera that made those point-and-shoots practically obsolete, then head out into the streets of San Francisco with the experts to  [Read More…]

The Next iPhone Prototype Leaked Photo, Looks Just like iPhone 4

According to a post from a Weibo user – Reported by Appe.pro -  who Alleges to have a prototype of the next iPhone, The design is the same as the iPhone 4. It’s running the iPhone test software which we have seen before on test units.       [Read More…]

3G iPod Touch Concept Photo

A few days ago there was a rumors about a fifth generation iPod Touch that will have 3G Data Connectivity and a micro-SIM tray. Here is a concept photo of it. This Concept render is made by  iPhone download blog . We took this concept to Photoshop, and we came up with the iPod Touch 3G. It looks exactly like the current iPod Touch, but has a black strip on the back. It also says “3G” in  [Read More…]

Facebook Photo Sharing App Screens Leak And It’s A Doozy

Holy chum-bucket Tech Crunch got their hands on a doozy of a leak last night. They announced earlier today 50mb wroth of pictures, descriptions and other information regarding the yet-to-be-announced Facebook photo-sharing iOS app wound up in their possession. Turns out, the thing looks pretty frackin awesome. Zuckerberg and company have seemingly combined the standout features from every competing photo-sharing application like Instagram, Color, Path, and Path’s new side project “With.” Uploading and sharing photos  [Read More…]

iOS 5 Home Screen Photo Leaked

Here’s a new photo come from TechChrunch shows iOS 5 homescreen. The below photo shows how is the well-integration between Twitter and iOS 5 which displays notifications on status bar. You can also notice that the photo displays new Camera app icon. One of TechCrunch readers commented: To me the camera icon adds to it’s credibility, why would you go through the trouble of mocking up a new camera icon? Another reader: The oddest thing  [Read More…]

Apple 5th Avenue Store New York’s Top Photo Attraction

Of all the timeless, historic, and important landmarks that dot New York city, Apple’s 5th Avenue store is New York’s top photo attraction according to researcher Eric Frischer. I guess people would rather take pictures than throw stones through Apple’s iconic glass house. Fischer created the above image by mapping the geo-tagged information from millions of photos uploaded to Flickr. He used the date and time of the photos to categorize them as either  [Read More…]

Download Photo Rescue To Recover Deleted Photos From Your iPhone, iPod & iPad

We have all been struck by this dilemma one way or the other. If you’ve ever thought whether it is possible to recover deleted photos from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, it is now all thanks to Photo Rescue app for Mac. Photo Rescue lets you dig out all the pictures that you may have deleted from your iOS device.Photo Rescue for Mac will scour through iTunes backups of all iDevices that you have made backups on  [Read More…]