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iOS 5 Home Screen Photo Leaked

Here’s a new photo come from TechChrunch shows iOS 5 homescreen. The below photo shows how is the well-integration between Twitter and iOS 5 which displays notifications on status bar. You can also notice that the photo displays new Camera app icon. One of TechCrunch readers commented: To me the camera icon adds to itís credibility, why would you go through the trouble of mocking up a new camera icon? Another reader: The oddest thing  [Read More…]

Apple 5th Avenue Store New York’s Top Photo Attraction

Of all the timeless, historic, and important landmarks that dot New York city, Apple’s 5th Avenue store is New York’s top photo attraction according to researcher Eric Frischer. I guess people would rather take pictures than throw stones through Apple’s iconic glass house. Fischer created the above image by mapping the geo-tagged information from millions of photos uploaded to Flickr. He used the date and time of the photos to categorize them as either  [Read More…]

Download Photo Rescue To Recover Deleted Photos From Your iPhone, iPod & iPad

We have all been struck by this dilemma one way or the other. If you’ve ever thought whether it is possible to recover deleted photos from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, it is now all thanks to Photo Rescue app for Mac. Photo Rescue lets you dig out all the pictures that you may have deleted from your iOS device.Photo Rescue for Mac will scour through iTunes backups of all iDevices that you have made backups on  [Read More…]

iPod touch 5 [New Photo] ?

New image has appeared online of an iPod touch with a capacitive home button. Although better quality than the last images posted this still could be easily faked using Photoshop.Let us know your thoughts in the comments…[via 9to5Mac]

iOS 4.3 To Bring Photo Streaming And Social Features To iPhone

Even though it has been just a few days since iOS 4.3 Beta 2 was released to developers, people have been able to find a bunch of unreleased features deep inside the iOS 4.3 file system. It started with the revelation of the camera centric features slated to arrive on the iPad 2 and has […] iPhone Hacks Ľ iOS 4.3, iPhone 4.3