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Own the camera that fired the first shot in a photographic revolution [Deals]

Consumer light-field cameras are changing how we think about photography, by creating images that seem less like static shots and more like dynamic moments. The Lytro started it all, a compact camera that marks a huge advancement in consumer photography. Now it can be yours for a drastic 59% off, just $ 79.99 at Cult of […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Photographic proof Bale & Rogen will crush Jobs & Woz roles

Seth Rogen has been tapped to play Steve Jobs’ loveable sidekick Woz in the upcoming biopic starring Christian Bale as Apple’s iconic CEO. We don’t know if Rogen’s guttural chuckling will mesh well with Bale’s ferocity, but when it comes…Read more ›

Learn to take jaw dropping photographic shots with Adobe KnowHow [Deals]

Chances are, you’ve got a camera within a few feet of you at all times. Cameras are built into our smart phones, tablets, and many of us have have dedicated cameras for our photographic needs. With all these cameras, shouldn’t…Read more ›

Photographic proof that bigger isn’t always better when it comes to iPads

Every nerd loves a good Apple rumor, and late night show host Jimmy Kimmel is no exception. Jimmy has a history of pranking street walkers with fake Apple products with some hilarious results, but in his latest sketch tackling rumors…Read more ›

Get your photographic and video lighting right every time with The KICK [Deals]

In order to take breathtaking still pictures and earth shattering video, you need to have the proper lighting conditions. No one will see your fantastic photographic subject if the room is too dark. A lack of sufficient lighting also won’t…Read more ›

Spider Monkey Utility Belt Hooks Turn You Into A Photographic Batman [Review]

There's some irony that the object now stuck to my Spider Monkey -- forever -- is a clock.

There’s some irony that the object now stuck to my Spider Monkey — forever — is a clock.

Spider Monkey by Spider Holster Category: Camera Gear Works With: Anything Price: $ 17

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Mobi-Lens, A Photographic Clothespin For Your iPhone, iPad, Whatever [Kickstarter]

Mobi-Lens: Like the Olloclip, only more promiscuous.

If I owned an iPhone, then I’d already have bought the Olloclip lens, a clip on widget which adds fisheye, macro and wideangle lenses to the iPhone using a slip-over clip. It’s impossible to line it up wrong, and it fits in a pocket or bag.

But I don’t have an iPhone. I have an iPad. And I hate futzing around with all the magnetic  [Read More…]