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Admire Ansel Adams? Take The Art Of Black And White Photography Video Course [Deals]

It’s hard to get more visually expressive and emotive than with the stark contrast of a black and white photograph. Now with digital photography, creating black and white images is as simple as pressing a button. But if you’re confused about which black and white conversion techniques to use, unsure about how to adjust the […]

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Winners Of 2013 iPhone Photography Awards Will Inspire You To Be A Better iPhoneographer

Brolin-Roney1Since the original iPhone in 2007, the iPhone Photography Awards have been showcasing incredible work from professional and amateur photographers. This year’s IPAA’s are no different, and the winners are on display. Selections were made for over 15 different categories from thousands of photos submitted from 38 countries. What’s interesting about the winners is that […]

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$180 iPhone LED Photography Lamp Has Some Very Clever Tricks

The KickLight is a $ 180 LED lamp for your iPhone. I hear you. “WHAT?!” you shout, in justifiable ALL CAPS. You even combine a question mark and an exclamation mark to further express your angered confusion. To which I can only say CALM DOWN. It’s actually worth the money.

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Learn How To Master Your iPhone Camera With The iPhone Photography Video Course [Deals]

CoM - iPhone Secrets

The iPhone has become just as much a camera as a communication device. So if you love using your iPhone and want to take advantage of its ability to take great photos then Cult of Mac has a video course for you – and at the low price of only $ 19 for a limited time.

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Polaroid Wants To Be The Lens (And Case) Through Which You View iOS Photography [CES 2013]


CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – The truth of the matter is that there’s just no way to have a telescopic lens phallically jutting out of the back of your iPad in a way that Jony Ive’s sense of dignity in design would approve of. Props to Polaroid, then, for not even trying, instead going a more playful route with their  [Read More…]

Repurpose A Filthy Plughole Protector For Lo-Fi Photography

What’s in a name? If you’re Nick Cool, then it’s THE TRUTH. And Nick’s cool photo hack totally proves it.

One day, it seems that Nick was staring at his sink, perhaps in a fuzzy daze as he waited for his coffee to brew. His eyes presumably were drawn, like all kitchen detritus, towards the filthy plughole.

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500px Brings Beautiful Photography To Your iPhone With New iOS App

It’s about time.

500px launched an awesome iPad app last year, which allowed us to browse the site’s stunning photography from the comfort of our armchairs. We’ve been itching to have the same experience on our iPhones ever since, and today it’s here — a new 500px app for iPhone and iPod touch.

Like the iPad app, 500px for iPhone sports a clean black and white user interface that lets you enjoy  [Read More…]

Photography Assignment Generator Has The Brains But Not The Looks [Review]

Got a camera, but not got a clue what to shoot?

If you’ve explored all the creative possibilities offered by Instagram’s built-in filters, and people have stopped commenting on the pictures you upload to Facebook, maybe the time has come to push yourself a little further. Photo Assignment Generator for iOS can help you with that.

The aim is to boost your photographic creativity a little, and give you that little  [Read More…]

How To Master Your DSLR Camera And Digital Photography Skills [Deals]

The iPhone is fast becoming one of the most – if not the most – used cameras on the planet. But serious photographers know that nothing really beats a DSLR in terms of quality – and any serious hobbyist knows that as well. So if you’re looking to get some superior shooting, then learning how to use a DSLR camera is a must. And for those who already have a DSLR  [Read More…]

Etchings Is This Months Best iPhone Photography App So Far

My scary pixel avatar, etched.



Etchings is an iPhone photography app which takes your pictures and turns them into very realistic etchings. Or fake etchings, I guess. Whatever you call them, if you pick the right source pic then you’ll end up with something that looks as if you lacquered your own metal plate, etched it, dropped it into an acid bath, washed and dried it, inked it up and ran it  [Read More…]