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Send your photos to a select few with XY Share It

You have a great picture of your kid on their first day of school and you would like to share it with just two people. You could post to Facebook or Instagram, but then everyone sees it. You could attach it to an email or text or you could just pass the phone over the […]

How to make Siri fetch your photos in iOS 9

I wanted to find photos from my vacation a couple of weeks ago, so I figured I’d try out Siri’s new iOS 9 functionality. “Siri,” I said, “show me photos from Hawaii.” Dutifully, Apple’s updated digital assistant pulled up photos from my trip to Oahu a couple of years ago. They’re lovely, but I wanted […]

After a successful round of funding on Kickstarter in 2013, the makers of the iblazr are back with a new generation: the iblazr 2. The LED flash accessory for iOS and Android has now gone wireless and includes a number… Read more ›

I was shooting my son’s school play a couple of months ago with my iPhone, as I don’t have a dedicated video camera any more. Because I sat up close, I wasn’t really able to capture the whole stage in… Read more ›

Instagram photos are getting a high-res upgrade

My biggest gripe with Instagram is the app takes my big beautiful pictures and compresses them down to a low 640×640 resolution. It looks like the company is preparing to change that in near future though, by now storing images… Read more ›

No, Google isn’t capping your unlimited Photos storage

Struggling to upload all of your cat snaps to Google Photos? You’re not the only one. A bug has been preventing some users from adding more images to their Photos library after reaching a certain number — but don’t worry;… Read more ›

According to Apple’s own Apple Services, Stores, and iCloud status page, several important services are experiencing slow downs and possible outages. iCloud Backup, Documents in the Cloud, iMessage, and Photos are all showing yellow, as are Mail Drop, iCloud Drive,… Read more ›

Thanks to its constant improvements and the fact that we carry it around virtually everywhere we go, the iPhone has become our de facto camera over the past few years. But while most of us use our iOS devices for… Read more ›

Google made it even easier to select images photos in its new Google Photos app by giving users a simple drag gesture. It works so well, in fact, that Apple stole it for iOS 9. In the new iOS 9 beta, selecting multiple… Read more ›

The Mac Photos app defaults to automatically launch whenever an iPhone, digital camera, or SD memory media card connects to the computer. This behavior can be helpful and desired by some users, but for many others, automatically opening the Photos app can be frustrating if not annoying. Fortunately, you can quickly stop the Photos app … Read More