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Smart keyboard will teach you how to play piano

Lust List: The ONE Light smart keyboard Who doesn’t want to play piano? Learning to tickle the ivories must be right up there with writing the great American novel: Many of us have a hankering to become more musical. The fantastic $ 299 ONE Light smart keyboard is the way to go if you want a […]

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Apple-approved piano teaches you to play the smart way

Ben Ye knew what could happen as he watched his son chafe and grow bored during private piano lessons. But to keep his son’s interest in music, Ye felt he’d have to do the seemingly impossible: build a new kind of piano and reinvent the way it is taught. Ye did both and what started […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Groove On Authentic, Retro Electric Piano Sounds With The iLectric Piano App For iPad

Sounds so good, you'll think you're in a 70s band.

Sounds so good, you’ll think you’re in a 70s band.

IK Multimedia is a powerhouse of music peripherals and apps for the mobile musician, with a range of products including the iKlip mic stand mounting series for iPad and iPhone, the iRig Mic and iRig Pre, and a host of guitar, voice, and recording apps for iOS.

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Make Beautiful Music With A Friend Using This Free iPad Piano App, Duette

Seriously, you’re not those guys.

Want to make like Elton John and Billy Joel, dueling across from each other on two pianos, playing the hits from both of your huge ouvre of pop tunes? Well, except for the whole you’re-not-either-one-of-those-guys part, you can play two piano-like keyboards across from another friend on your iPad, with new free app, Duette.

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Siri Hacked to Play the Piano

Siri has been an innovative feature that many users find several uses for. Hackers have even found alternative uses for Siri, such as�starting their car. For other users, Siri has been more eye-candy than it has been useful but this trick might be an impressive novelty for you music lovers out there. A cool new hack lets Siri play music on a Yamaha Disklavier player piano from music files in your library. The hack, originally developed specifically by and for  [Read More…]

Piano Apprentice Uses Your iPad And A Real Keyboard To Teach You To Be An Ivory Tickler

I�ve always wanted to learn how to play piano, to be a chain-smoking, Jelly Roll Morton style jazz tinkler� but I�ve never really had the equipment to get it done. I�m sort of excited, then, by the Piano Apprentice accessory: just slap an iPad into the small keyboard accessory, and you should be on your road to ragtime in, well, no time at all.   The keyboard connects to the iPad through the 30-pin  [Read More…]