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Repix App Lets You Remix Pics

Repix is a universal app for editing your pictures. Stop me if you’ve heard that before. But even if you were to just on level of polish alone, Repix is already way above the competition. And if we take a look at what it does to your photos, we’ll see that the developer, Sumoing, has a potentially huge hit on its hands.

The app does two things. Regular adjustment – brightness, vignetting, contrast  [Read More...]


You know when your friend posts an awesome picture of their latte or the tasty desert they had after their big plate of pasta last night to Instagram, and you really want to save that picture so that you can drool over it more than once? Well now you can, thanks to Instahancer, a new tweak for jailbroken iPhones.

As its name suggests, Instahancer enhances the Instagram app with a number of  [Read More...]


Instagram has generated quite a bit of negative press in recent weeks since the Facebook-owned photography app updated its terms and conditions with some hairy verbiage regarding content ownership. Things have died down more recently since Instagram clarified its policies regarding how users’ photos can be used in advertisements.

Many assumed that legions of disgruntled Instagram users had jumped ship over the past month, but the social network has released  [Read More...]

Today Facebook launched its new Photo Sync feature for all users of its mobile applications. So if you have the official Facebook app on your iPhone, you now have Photo Sync. It’s been added to the app without an accompanying update in the App Store.

Photo Sync automatically uploads the pictures you take on your device and stores them in a private Facebook photo album. You can then choose to share, file  [Read More...]

There are reasons why you should always understand how technology works before taking scandalous pictures of yourself and sending them to your lover. You don’t know where those pictures are going to end up. You might snap a naughty picture with your iPhone that then gets sent to your iCloud Photostream that is then synced with your school’s iPad. Then your students might be playing around on that school iPad, find the pic of  [Read More...]

Modern cameras include GPS data in photos, and software like iPhoto and Aperture uses this data to provide location info for features like Places. Not only are many people unaware that GPS data is included in the pics they’re taking, but uploading these pics online means that the world knows exactly when and where they were taken.

Apple’s professional photo Mac software, Aperture, is supposed to let you strip location data from  [Read More...]

Nokia might have fudged some of their demos of the Lumia 920′s camera, but there’s no denying that the PureView technology that camera is based is incredibly impressive, especially in low-light. The iPhone 5, though, is no slouch when it comes to low-light either. How do they stack up?

Engadget recently went to Nokia’s Tepere, Finland R&D complex and were given access to a testing suite, where they were able to do  [Read More...]

Make Your Pics Cooler With Focus. Only $3! [Deals]

Folks, this is a one-day deal that you would be an absolute fool to miss out on. The app is Focus, and it lets you mess with the focus and such of your pics. I was a skeptic at first. I have a gabillion photo apps on hand and thought, “do I really need another one?“.

Then I tried it.

I’m getting this app ASAP because at $ 3, it’s a steal  [Read More...]

Deal or no deal?

A Japanese repair house posted photos of what looked like the iPhone 5, and we were all sold. They looked like what the rumor mill predicted, and they had just the right amount of realness to send the internet into a tizzy. Now, Neowin has pictures from an anonymous source in Bangkok, Thailand of what could be the next iPhone. Maybe. Possibly.

The pictures seem to confirm what  [Read More...]

Here’s how it looks on the iPad.

One of the best tools in a photographer’s editing kit is the crop. Finding the best part of a picture and cutting out all else is a fantastic way to make an ordinary picture into a great picture.

You can do this right on your iPhone or iPad with the Photos app. Here’s how.

Open the Photos app with a tap, and then tap on  [Read More...]