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notecubeNoteCube is another one of the “new generation” of note-taking apps, started by Q Branch’s Vesper, which are ultra-clean (in the iOS7 style) and work with pictures (the other one being Whitespace). The USP of NoteCube is that it syncs with Evernote, which means that a) it actually syncs, unlike the other two apps, and […]

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Taking a picture with an iPad

The lock screen camera is one of the more handy features of the iPhone, but the iPad does not have that same quick-to-access camera option. That doesn’t mean you can’t take pictures directly from the lock screen on the iPad, you just have to use Siri to launch directly into the camera app from the lock screen instead:

1: Summon Siri by holding down the Home  [Read More...]

iPhone-Couleurs-Plastique-02It’s looking very likely that the so-called “budget” iPhone will be announced in September. In reality, it will be less budget than mid-range, costing about $350 before contract subsidations. Even so, that should be enough for carriers to sell for $0 with a two-year contract, strengthening Apple’s presence in the market. We’ve heard before that [...]

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If you’re growing tired of the way iOS 6 keeps your photos together in one big shoebox of sorts, only letting you categorize photos and create albums manually, there’s a new app out that will help you do much more than that, and it’s free to boot.

Photoful is a new, free app that offers something of what you can expect to find in the upcoming iOS 7 version of Apple’s own  [Read More...]


There are a lot of privacy concerns surrounding Google Glass, but that’s not deterring developers from making Google Glass apps that are even more invasive than Google’s dorky looking computer glasses.

Lambda Labs in San Francisco has created a facial recognition app for Google Glass that will launch in the next few days. The app is a facial recognition tool that is capable of recognizing someone in a picture you’ve taken with  [Read More...]


This man’s face is about to get smashed by a softball

Taking pictures with an iPad is a no-no. I don’t care if you’re Spike Lee, just don’t do it. Ever.

The only time it is acceptable to take pictures in a public place with your iPad, is if it’s going to save your life by preventing a softball from ramming through your skull.

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The iPad doesn’t care that these photos came from Lightroom, iPhoto or the internal camera. They all show up just the same.

Problem: You use Lightroom for your fancy photos from your fancy camera, and you want to put the best of those on your iPad.

But you also shoot a ton of pictures on your iPhone, and you want to back those up to iPhoto on your Mac, and send the best of  [Read More...]

After last week’s Instagram furore, many people threw a hissy fit and quit the free photo-sharing service for which they have never paid a penny. And a lot of those quitters went over to Flickr and its outstanding new iOS app.

Over the weekend, Flickr gave its regular free members a three-month Pro subscription. This is super smart, and not only as a way to entice yet more users away from Facebook’s newest toy – a  [Read More...]

Save Image from Facebook to iPhone

The easiest way to save a picture from Facebook on an iPhone or iPad is to:

Open the image you want to save, then tap and hold on that image and select “Save Photo”

Now look in the Photos app to find your saved picture. Easy right?

Before Facebook had the Save Photo feature, you had to manually zoom in on a picture, then take a screen  [Read More...]

They sent along a sample – this is quality stuff!

Zazzle Instant is an iOS app that lets you add your own pictures to a ton of different products, including Macbook and iPad sleeves, iPhone cases, messenger bags, playing cards, and a whole lot more.

The app has updated recently to include some great new features, like integration with your Facebook photos, easier adjustment to images, and new panoramic photos (in case  [Read More...]