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NASA’s space shuttle to fly again – or at least pieces of it

If you get to a museum to see one of the shuttles that actually flew in space, your jaw may drop. Just don’t mind the guys pulling parts from it. NASA recently sent engineers to the California Science Center in Los Angeles to dust off the mothballs of the space shuttle Endeavor and remove four […][Read More…]

Tetris For iOS Has (Nearly) All Its Pieces In Place [Review]

As with all classic games, the question about EA’s Tetris for iOS doesn’t have anything to do with whether the core concept is a good one or not (we know that it is), but rather how well the developers have…Read more ›    [Read More…]

You Wont Believe These 12 Pieces Of Art Were All Captured With An iPhone [Gallery]

Water Was My Strange Flower – by Cindy Patrick

If you’re going to be in the Los Angeles area this week, you should really check out The LA Mobile Arts Festival. Tons of artists will be at Santa Monica Art Studios celebrating iPhoneography and the underground mobile arts movement with tons and tons of cool art installations that were all made with an iPhone.

The festival contains the largest ever exhibit of iPhoneography art,  [Read More…]

Use Real Pieces For Board Games On Your iPad With iPawn

My kids are huge fans of Disneys interactive Cars toys for iPad, but if youre after something a little more grownup, then maybe these iPawn game pieces from Jumbo are more your thing. Theyre the first iPad accessory that aim to bring board games to life, by providing real pieces that work on your iPads touchscreen with a variety of games. Each iPawn kit is $ 16, and there are four different kinds that are tailored for different games, with  [Read More…]

Android Phones Are Pieces Of Crap Costing Telecoms $2 Billion A Year To Replace [Study]

Think Android phones are pieces of junk? Now youve got the data to prove it. A recent study has conclusively proven Android phones are much more prone to breaking than iPhones and even BlackBerries, and their cheapness is costing telecoms big: up to $ 2 billion a year, in fact.   The issue, says wireless services firm WDS, is the surfeit of cheap Android phones aimed at the low end  [Read More…]

Piece Cuts Your iPhone Photos To Pieces

Before After Heres something for the iPhone photography freaks out there. Its called Piece, and it just does one thing: slices your photos up into tiles.   Theres not a lot to learn, although you get a colorful tutorial image to play with when you first start the app. Move the sliders at the bottom of the screen to control how many tiles youll get. One adjusts the  [Read More…]