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Google Glass User Pulled Out Of Movie Theater And Accused Of Piracy

There are bound to be teething problems as Google Glass rolls out to users. Back in October last year, Cult of Android reported on the Glass user given a ticket for “driving with monitor visible to driver.” Now we have…

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Android Piracy Outnumbers iOS Piracy By 14:1, Driving Devs To Freemium-Only Model

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We’ve heard before that piracy is just killing Android developers. It’s such a wide scale problem that some devs are finding little incentive, between piracy and fragmentation, to actually release their games on Android.

Sadly, the problem doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Another developer has just released details on the massive problem they are having on Android with app piracy. How bad is it? Piracy on Android outnumbers  [Read More…]

Streaming Apps Like Spotify And Rdio Are Helping Kill Music Piracy


Want to hear a good argument for the possibility of Apple launching an iRadio service? According to a couple ofnew report, 2012 is the first time since 1999 that piracy is down, and the music industry has actually grown. And music streaming services like Rdio and Spotify can take all the credit.

The first report is by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, which says that the global recorded music  [Read More…]

Battle Dungeon iOS Game Pulled From App Store After Less Than A Week Due To Piracy

Hunted Cow released its new iOS game, Battle Dungeon, in the App Store less than a week ago, and the title has already been pulled. Why? Rampant piracy. The number of illegitimate users put such a strain on the game’s servers that Hunted Cow was forced to shut it down.

The RPG-like strategy game allowed users to play with each other and compete in leader boards, upgrade characters, etc. It’s a sad day for  [Read More…]

Dead Trigger Is Now Free On Both Android And iOS Due To Piracy

Not long go, we reported to you that the FPS Dead Trigger had given up the fight and gone free on Android, due to an “unbelievably high” piracy rate. Today, it appears that Madfinger Games, the developers behind Dead Trigger have given in and made the game free on iOS as well.

So what’s going on? Does iOS have sky-high piracy rates as well, or this just a new strategy for Madfinger  [Read More…]

Android Piracy Is So Bad, You Cant Even Charge For Apps Anymore

If you thought the iOS App Store had issues with piracy, think again. The Google Play store, home to over 500,000 Android apps, is in a much worse position. Apparently, piracy on the Android platform is such an issue that developers are, in a sense, beginning to give up.

The developers behind Dead Trigger, an FPS available on both Android and iOS, have decided to give up the fight, and are now  [Read More…]

iOS App Store Piracy Just Became Even Deadlier [Jailbreak]

Meet Installous, the hub of mobile app piracy that keeps developers awake at night.

The jailbreak community has fostered incredible iOS innovation and created friendships that span continents, but there�s an unfortunate underbelly associated with jailbreaking that continues to thrive: app piracy. Sadly, millions of people still jailbreak their iOS devices only to download paid apps from the iOS App Store for free.

Installous, the main hub  [Read More…]

Apple Now Taking Legal Action Against App Store Piracy

Apple has begun an attack on App Store piracy. The popular resource for cracked iOS apps known as Apptrackr recently said that Apple has begun sending large amounts of takedown notices, thereby forcing Apptrackr to relocate many of its servers and implement more steps for its users to avoid legal ramifications.

In a note to users of Installous, a Cydia app for downloading and installing pirated apps from the App  [Read More…]

Apple Issuing Take Down Notices to Major Piracy Sources

Apple is finally attacking their money-making barricades.

Piracy is a large problem in the computer world and one company that’s really feeling the pain from it is Apple. As we know Apple takes a thirty percent cut from all App Store sales. This means it makes sense that Apple would want to kill off any iOS piracy firms. One of the large firms can be accessed from iDevices through a Cydia source with their own application.  [Read More…]

Siri On Non-iPhone 4S Devices Will Require Piracy, Says Dev Team

If you�re hoping that the Dev Team will be able to port the iPhone 4S�s new Siri feature to other devices like the iPad 2 and iPhone 4, prepare for a disappointment: MuscleNerd says that it will likely require piracy, and therefore, they probably won�t do it.


On Twitter, MuscleNerd wrote:

Anyone hoping for a �port� of Siri from iPhone4S: pending a very low-level A5 exploit, it likely can�t be  [Read More…]