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Xcode 7 lets everyone install pirated apps and emulators on iPhone

Apple’s software engineer’s have played a cat and mouse game of closing loopholes that let non-developers install unsigned apps on their devices, but it looks like they’re finally giving up and will let any users install anything on their device.…Read more ›

Photoshop And Whole Creative Cloud Already Cracked And Pirated

Adobe’s entire new Creative Cloud suite has already been cracked, and it appears to be just as easy to do as it was for the old non-cloud version. Crackers have already made the tools available, just days after the official release.

Many though that the Creative Cloud would mean an end to app piracy. Instead of just buying a version of Photoshop or another app, you subscribe to the suite, paying  [Read More…]

China Has Its Own App Store That Lets Users Install Pirated iOS Apps Without Jailbreaking


We’ve all seen those fake iOS devices that are being made in China, but did you know that Apple’s App Store is being cloned there, too? A service called KuaiYong, which means “use quickly” in Chinese, according to MIC Gadget, lets iPhone and iPad users download and install pirated iOS apps without jailbreaking.

The service has been around for almost a year, so how has it gone unnoticed for so long?

  [Read More…]

Apple Appeals $84,000 Fine For Selling Pirated Chinese Encyclopedia

If Apple accepts its $ 84,000 fine, it could pave the way for other parties to sue.

Apple has appealed an $ 84,000 fine from a Chinese court that alleged it had profited from sales of a pirated encyclopedia that was sold through its App Store. The Cupertino company refuses to accept responsibility for the infringement and argues that it was nothing more than a store operator.

The Encyclopedia of China Publishing House  [Read More…]

Watch Pirated Streaming of Apple’s Big Releases on the iPad [Daily Freebie]

That’s right  — the next time you watch a pirated feed bringing you announcement of the next iPhone (like, say, next month), you could be kicking back and watching it on the iPad, thanks to Ustream’s new iPad app. We’ve been waiting ages for Ustream to make their app a Universal Binary. Finally, last week, they did just that — and boy does it make a difference. An app like  [Read More…]