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Enabling a Pixel Brush in Pixelmator to Draw Pixel Art on Mac

There’s a certain magic to pixel art, whether it’s the nostalgic aspect or just the intentional limitations of drawing simpler graphics. While there are many specific apps intended to create pixel art out there, both Photoshop and Pixelmator for Mac has such an ability as well. We’re going to focus on enabling the pixel brush … Read More

Google surprises us with an iPad Pro competitor called Pixel C

We didn’t expect to see a new tablet from Google today, but we got one, and it wasn’t a Nexus. It’s called the Pixel C, and it’s a 10.2-inch slate that hopes to take on devices like the Microsoft Surface and Apple’s upcoming iPad Pro with a detachable keyboard and¬†a focus on productivity. Pixel C […]

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iOS 9 code suggest iPad Pro will have same pixel density as iPad Air 2

After pretty much confirming that the iPad Pro is almost ready for launch, iOS 9 has a few more hints that may reveal the resolution of Apple’s giant tablet. Taiwanese developer Hiraku Wang used the extra large keyboard assets discovered…Read more ›

Why this game dev is giving up on pixel art

Blake Reynolds, lead artist at Dinofarm Games (Auro, 100 Rogues), has come to the conclusion that “pixel art” is over. He’s decided to hang up his digital pencil tool and create art for games that current audiences can understand. “Auro,”…Read more ›

Cowabunga, dude! The Simpsons gets the pixel art treatment in new video

You’ve seen it before, of course: the parting of the clouds, the nuclear-reactor-powered city of Springfield, Bart’s varying chalkboard standards, Lisa’s inability to stay in key (so jazzy!) in orchestra, skateboarding past tons of regular characters through the streets, and…Read more ›

Pixel Press Floors lets you create video games using pen and paper

When I was about 11, my best friend was a guy called James Brzezicki, who used to spend hours drawing out super-detailed level designs for platform video games. I copied him, although mine were never as good. The real problem,…Read more ›

Get Over 1600 Pixel Perfect Icons For All Your Design Needs [Deals]

Successful apps create a beautiful experience and look that all users will love. Victoricon icons allow you to do just that! Add clean and stimulating icons to your app to provide a large amount of info in a tiny space.…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Mega Dead Pixel Has Retro Graphics, Music, And Difficulty [Review]

When I was younger, I had a crappy little electronic game in which I controlled a car driving down the highway. I had a little wheel that could turn the car left and right, kinda, and I was supposed to…Read more ›

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Recreate The Andromeda Galaxy In 8-Bit Pixel Art On Your Lion Desktop!

Sick of the (admittedly tweaked) clarity of the Andromeda Galaxy, Lionís default wallpaper? Why not download this 8-bit pixel art recreation of the same in glorious 2560 x 1600. Snow Leopard loyalist? Thereís a version for you too. [via OS X Daily]