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New Domino’s app orders your favorite pizza as soon as you open it

When that pizza craving hits, the faster you get your hands on a slice of pie, the better. Don’t waste any time when ordering your next one, then — use Zero Clicks. With this new service from Domino’s, ordering your favorite pizza is as easy as opening an app. It’s literally that simple; you tap the app […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Domino’s Pizza app update lets you keep your eyes on your pies

You know that feature when you order online from Domino’s that keeps you posted on the process of your order and even tells you which employee has put your pizza in the oven, and who just left the store to…Read more ›

Domino’s now lets you order and track a pizza from your watch

Fancy pizza but can’t be bothered to find your phone? We’ve all been there, and it’s not a pretty place. But now you don’t have to fall asleep hungry wondering what you’re doing with your life, because Domino’s finally lets you…Read more ›

Virtual reality is cheaper than pizza, courtesy of Google Cardboard

Forget Android L, Android Wear, AndroidOne and every other new “android” variant Sundar Pichai stumbled through during Google’s 3-hour keynote. The coolest thing coming out of Google I/O wasn’t new software and thousands of APIs, it’s a small DYI VR…Read more ›

Domino’s app lets you order pizza by voice

Domino’s Pizza has today added Nuance voice recognition to its Android and iOS apps, enabling users to order pizza using their voice. The technology provides a “human-like” customer service experience that hopes to make it easier to order your dinner…Read more ›

Stonebaked Steve: Apple Founder’s Pizza Portrait

Back in the heady days of 1996 — when Apple shares were worth less than the cost of a VHS tape of Independence Day — one of the many awful ideas the company came up with was to latch onto…Read more ›

This Amazing Pizza Compass App Will Point You To The Nearest Slice


Finding pizza late at night can be difficult. You go to one restaurant and it’s closed. By the time you make it to your next option you realize it sucks and there’s something better down the way. There’s a new app that’s going to change all that, and it’s called Pizza Compass.

Pizza Compass isn’t just an app, it’s a tool for slice success. The app basically helps you find the nearest pizza  [Read More…]

Snip! Slash! Staple! Make A MacBook Desk Stand From An Old Pizza Box

I always thought the handiest thing I could do with a pizza box was to toss it in the trash and use the little three-legged plastic widget (the one that stops the lid from touching your cheese) as a milking stool for my Barbies [1] .

But I was wrong. Assuming that you can keep the cheesy grease off the box, then a few cuts and folds will turn it into this  [Read More…]

Domino’s New Pizza App Pimps A Virtual Anime Schoolgirl To Japanese Pizza Perverts [Video]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gW2D_Votd2Y?feature=oembed&w=640&h=360]

It is often said that Japan is a weird country.

Case in point, can you imagine any other country in which Domino’s Pizza Japanese president Scott Oelkers would make a commercial in which, over the course of a two minute period, he shills a new iPhone app featuring a virtual anime girlfriend named Hatsune Miku who “exists in a software called Vocaloid which enables you to create songs” that Hatsune Miku then sings.

Not that the  [Read More…]

Oh Look, Jony Ive Ate Pizza With Silicon Valley’s Most Powerful People Last Night [Image]


Everybody wants to be Jony Ive’s friend, so he probably gets invited to a lot of the dinners where Silicon Valley’s elite just hangout, scarf down pizza, and get blitzed on wine. We rarely see pictures of such events, but last night a picture was posted of Sir Jony himself hanging out with 11 of the most powerful people in Silicon Valley.

The dinner was hosted by Nirav Tolia – a  [Read More…]