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Awesome iOS Easter egg discovered after two years, hiding in plain sight

Apple is known for placing its fair share of Easter Eggs into iOS and OS X, but this is the collest one we’ve seen in a while. You know the new Voice Memos icon Apple introduced in iOS 7 Beta…Read more ›

4 Stunning Wallpapers Hidden in Plain View on the Apple & Wired Websites

There’s something about good wallpaper that makes using a Mac, iPhone, iPad, ok, even a Windows PC or Android device, just even better. We’re bringing you four gorgeous high resolution wallpapers that are basically hidden in plain sight from two sources, a recent Wired article about Apple Watch, and Apple.com product pages. All it took … Read More

App Watch: Plain old text and widgets (lots of widgets)

12 Stunningly Beautiful Wallpapers Hidden in Plain Sight on Apple.com

Apple has been long known for using incredibly beautiful imagery for their product marketing efforts, and like most beautiful pictures, they make for amazing wallpapers too. With that in mind, we went through Apple.com with the handy developer inspector tool (yes it took a while) to uncover some of the full-sized images used throughout the … Read More

Nitro, A Mac Task Manager Based On Plain Text And Dropbox

bannerNitro is a very promising new todo list app for the Mac (plus a bunch of hippie platforms). It keeps your notes in a plain text file on Dropbox, and is available free from the Mac App Store. Nitro works around a todo.txt file, the favorite todo list format of nerds everywhere. And as it […]

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Microsoft Needs To Hire Jonathan Ive–The XBox One Is Just Plain Fugly

Where do I put the betamax?

Where do I put the betamax?

Ok, so if you’ve been paying attention to the gaming space today, you’ll know that Microsoft unveiled its new gaming console, the XBox One. This next generation console is going to play video games, control your TV (sort of), and act as a DVD/Blue-Ray player. It’s got a Kinect motion sensor box on top, which can not be disconnected and it  [Read More…]

Critic Markup Brings Markdown-Like Change Tracking To Plain Text

Oh man. Writing any kind of text on iOS is easy thanks to Markdown and the profusion of plain text editors in the App Store. But revising that text? Making edits and tracking them between author and editor? You need Microsoft Word for that. You need a computer for that.

But what if there were a Markdown-like markup syntax for plain text copyediting? You know where I’m going with this don’t you? That tool is here, and it’s called  [Read More…]

Get Easy Desktop Access to All iCloud Files with Plain Cloud for OS X

Plain Cloud provides easy iCloud file access

Assuming you have iCloud configured with OS X, you’ve always been able to access iCloud files from the Mac desktop by looking for a little-known directory in the user Library folder. Having access to that folder can make it behave like Dropbox, with file syncing between Macs being built right into the Finder, but the way the files are stored within that Mobile Documents  [Read More…]

Folding Text 1.0 In Mac App Store — The Future Of Plain Text

Plain text geeks, prepare for nerdgasm: Jesse Grosjean’s Folding Text app is out of beta and in the Mac App Store. Folding Text, as you may remember, is a Markdown-compatible plain text editor with special superpowers.

Do you keep your notes and todo lists in plain text files? And do you wish that plain text was sometimes a little more powerful? Maybe you could add a dynamic to-do list with check boxes there in  [Read More…]

Always Send Mail as Plain Text in Mac OS X

Always send Mail as Plain Text To avoid any font face irregularities and size oddities when sending emails across platforms (from Mac OS X Mail app to Windows Outlook, for example), it can be a good idea to use the Plain Text format for all email correspondence. Setting Mail composition to default as Plain Text in Mail.app is easy enough: Go to the Mail menu and choose Preferences Click on the  [Read More…]