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Apple Watch launch reportedly planned for February with limited supply

The Apple Watch is on track for a February release, according to supply chain sources in China. A February launch echoes an earlier report from The Information, which said Apple will be “lucky” to ship by Valentine’s Day. While mass…Read more ›

New Apple Store Planned For Lansing, Michigan

Apple is reportedly planning to open a new Apple Store in Eastwood Towne Center, in Lasing Township, Michigan, according to new documents. A contractor working for Apple recently filed an application with town officials to begin work on an almost…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Official Google Music ‘All Access’ App Planned To Arrive On iOS This Month

An official app called gMusic has been working with All Access for months.If you’re a user of Google Play’s “All Access” music subscription service, then you’ll be excited to learn that Google has an official iOS client slated to arrive later this month. Engadget reports that, “Sources aware of Google’s plans have let slip to Engadget that not only is the company currently testing a native Google […]

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See Exactly What Your Friends Have Planned With Wonderfully Social Calendar App UpTo [Daily Freebie]

upto-1  UpTo might be the best social calendar app ever made. I’ve never really seen anything like it; so if it isn’t the best (or really the only) social calendar app around, whatever else is out there must be perfect — because UpTo is pretty damn fantastic. The whole point of UpTo is to create […]

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Gene Munster Says He Doesn’t Know What Apple Has Planned For April, But It’s Something!

This guy really believes that Apple is making a HDTV.

Earlier this week the web was assaulted with a bevy of horrible Apple rumors from analyst Peter Misek. Along with claiming that Apple was going to have an Apple TV SDK event in March, Misek said Apple’s 4.8-inch iPhone will launch next year, and that iPhone 5 sales are slipping.

It only took a few minutes before Misek’s B.S. was shot down, so  [Read More…]

Former Apple Engineers Working On Speedier Facebook For iPhone, Complete Overhaul Planned For Next Year [Report]

Rumors of Facebook rebuilding its official iPhone app have been circulating since The New York Times reported the news last month. Instead of an aesthetic redesign, Facebook was said to be focusing on fundamental improvements under the hood. The update was said to launch this summer. Interestingly, Facebook has also been hiring former Apple engineers who worked on the iPhone and iPad to help build a Facebook-centric smartphone with HTC as  [Read More…]

Apples Planned TV Is Elephant in the Room At CES [CES 2012]

For a company not officially at the Las Vegas-based CES, Apple sure does have a huge presence. Not only is the tech giant molding the smartphone and gadget exhibits, but the Cupertino, Calif. firm also overshadows video vendors. Indeed, Apples planned entry into the TV business is the elephant in the room at the massive technology trade show. Despite dramatic developments in the video sector, including  [Read More…]

Apple Education Event Planned for January 19 in NYC

Apple education announcement invite Apple has sent out press invitations to an education announcement scheduled for January 19 at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. According to AllThingsD, the event is likely to focus on bringing iBooks to the education market, and possibly have ties to iTunes U: Details beyond that are slim, though were told that this is an effort in which Jobs had been involved with in the  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs Planned Out 4 Years of New Products Before Death, Apples Future Will Blow Your Mind

One More Thing... & Steve Jobs I believe Apples brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it. That is what Steve Jobs said in his resignation letter from August, and now, despite his passing, were starting to understand why. Citing sources within Apple, the DailyMail says that Steve Jobs carefully planned out four years of new products for the company to release. They specifically cite new iPod, iPad, iPhone, and  [Read More…]

Apple TV is Red Hot But No Immediate Refresh Planned

It may be one of the “quieter” Apple products as far as mainstream media coverage and public attention are concerned, but make no mistake about it, Apple TV is a huge hit, selling roughly 500,000 units each quarter. Since its arrival last fall, the $99 streaming media box has served as a shining example of how living room entertainment is no longer a hobby for Apple. Still, despite Apple’s longstanding penchant for product refreshes within  [Read More…]