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Google gives Chromecast platform a much better name

Google’s Chromecast platform has been given a brand new name: Google Cast. The new name makes more sense given the platform’s ability to stream more than just Chrome tabs, but the Chromecast dongle lineup will retain the old moniker for now. Google has updated its website to reflect the name change, and to make it clear that […]

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Pixeljam snubs Kickstarter, rolls out own crowdfunding platform

Pixeljam is no stranger to making iPhone and Mac games, but now the studio is taking on another challenge: transforming the way crowdfunding works to make it better for game developers and other creative types. Company co-founder Miles Tillman describes the crowdfunding project as an “experiment” that’s an alternative to popular services like Indiegogo and […][Read More…]

Apple’s savvy fitness plan: Build an indispensable platform

If you compare the Apple Watch to dedicated fitness tracking devices, it comes up short, and the forthcoming watchOS 2 will do little to address these limitations. Instead, with this update Apple has focussed on helping to improve third-party fitness apps. That’s because Apple see their wearable as the main component of a fitness platform, with the Activity app as […][Read More…]

Android Wear vs. Apple Watch: Which wearable platform deserves a spot on your wrist?

With Apple Watch still sold out and Google reportedly gearing up to deliver Android Wear support for iPhone at Google I/O next week, it’s time for two of the hottest wearable platforms to face off. Apple Watch is selling 30,000 units every day in…Read more ›

Zwift wheels its virtual bicycle racing platform into open beta

Zwift, which calls itself an “online fitness entertainment gaming platform,” has finally opened up its virtual roads for anyone with a bicycle on a trainer to ride. The virtual bicycle racing platform lets riders hook their two-wheelers up to their…Read more ›

Broadcom’s Internet of Things platform gains HomeKit support

HomeKit just gained a powerful new partner: Communication firm Broadcom announced yesterday that its WICED (“Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices”) software now offers full support with Apple’s connected-accessory framework. WICED is the first software development kit to meet HomeKit’s…Read more ›

Samsung’s smart home platform beats HomeKit to Apple Watch

Although it’s poised to win the smart home war eventually, Apple’s HomeKit is still half-baked. Case in point: hardly any smart home accessories officially integrate with it yet, let alone Apple’s own products. Despite its parent company’s rivalry with Apple…Read more ›

New platform offers visual artists a chance to put their stamp on it

There are many ways for photographers to display and share work: Build a website, post on Facebook, spread your brand on Instagram or create a repository on Flickr. But the few mentioned above are not perfect, especially when it comes…Read more ›

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Apple buys Prss, a publishing platform for iPad magazines

Apple has acquired Prss, a Dutch company that lets users easily create magazines for iPad and iPhone by way of a simple drag-and-drop interface, for selling in Apple’s Newsstand and other services like Kiosk. An inside source first reported the acquisition,…Read more ›