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Moody Puzzler Platform Game Limbo Is Coming To iOS July 3

LimboLimbo is an atmospheric platform puzzle game that has sold over three million copies across several gaming platforms, including PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Steam, and the Mac App Store. Developer Playdead announced recently that Limbo will now also be available on the iOS platform for iPad 2 and up, as well as the latest generation […]

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Cross Platform Space MMO Wants To Expand To The iPad, Needs Your Help [Kickstart This!]

You had me at Space MMO.

You had me at Space MMO.

With only five days left in their Kickstarter project, the team behind Vendetta Online would like to get your support. This cross platform massively multiplayer online space game is currently available for the Mac and other platforms, but really wants to get onto the iPad.

The Kickstarter project is looking to raise $ 100,000 dramatically expand the existing game and  [Read More…]

Award Winning Platform Puzzler Rochard Updates On Mac App Store With Lower Price, iCloud Support

If you haven’t played Rochard, yet, you might want to check this out. The gravity-bending, scifi adventuring, sarcastic-remark making space mechanic with a gravity gun is on the Mac for a mere $ 6.99. The latest update features iCloud support as well as some new language localizations, like Russian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Czech and Turkish.

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Beautiful Indie Game Crow Flies Onto The Mac Platform This Thursday

Sunside Games announced that their well-received iOS game, Crow, is coming to the Mac platform this Thursday, August 30, 2012. Crow for the Mac will have Game Center support, including leaderboards and achievements, as well as high rez graphics and a remastered soundtrack.

“Crow has had an incredibly successful run so far on the App Store. It’s a really unique immersive experience and it demonstrates that there is a desire  [Read More…]

Static Turns VoodooPad Into Super-Simple Blogging Platform

VoodooPad can now power your blog.

Static publishing is the new, uh, CMS. Or something. What’s for certain is that there has been a recent surge in interest in blogging platforms which publish single, pre-rendered, static HTML pages instead of generating those pages on the fly from some kind of database. The latest of these uses the venerable VoodooPad to generate your pages instantly, ready for uploading to your web-server of choice.

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Tiny Troopers Storm The Mac Platform After Success On iOS

Finnish gaming company Kukouri Mobile Entertainment created and developed Tiny Troopers, which was picked up by Chillingo, one of the larger and more successful iOS publishing company, itself owned now by Electronic Arts (EA). Tiny Troopers was released to iPhone and iPad as a universal app at the beginning of June, updated a month later, and then given a price drop mid-July.

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Apple Expected To Become World’s Biggest Gaming Platform By The End Of The Year

iOS devices will soon be the world’s most popular game console.

Apple’s iOS devices have had a huge impact on gaming, and more and more people are choosing to get their kicks on the iPhone and iPad rather than dedicated handheld consoles from the likes of Sony and Nintendo. By the end of this year, analysts expect Game Center accounts on iOS to surpass the 200 million milestone, making it the world’s  [Read More…]

Agora Platinum Facebook Platform [Deal Ending]

While this post is ending, don’t forget to check out the SayHelloThere freebie!

In the past few months I’ve learned something very interesting. Facebook can be kinda cool. I mean I’m using Facebook to talk about comics and other geekdom, so I enjoy that, but the one thing I haven’t been enjoying is managing the pages. Checking comments, tracking answers, running contests.

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iPhone Is Best Mobile Advertising Platform, Says Opera Software [Report]

The iPhone is the top performer in the mobile ad monetization performance space, according to a new report from Opera Software. It is followed by Android devices, of course, and then a large gap in which the rest of the mobile devices are being left behind. “The iPhone leads the smartphone OS pack with an average eCPM of $ 2.85,” writes the company in their first State of Mobile Advertising report.  [Read More…]

Google Drive Now Available on iOS Platform

One of recent announcements from Google’s I/O 2012 event is the official Drive app for iOS. Available for free as a universal download for the iPhone and iPad, the Google Drive app gives you access to all of your documents and folders stored in your Google account as well as content that someone else has shared with you. Users can star documents to make them easier to find and even make them available offline through  [Read More…]