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iOS Platform Accounts for 35% of Mobile Ad Impressions

Apple’s iPhone 4S helped the company surge 12% and surpass Google Android in mobile ad impressions in North America. The growth was detailed on Friday by InMobi, which is the largest independent mobile advertising network; InMobi released its “Mobile Insights Report: North American Edition” for the month of January which comes from their network, serving more than 93.4 billion advertising impressions around the world each month. The Cupertino California company’s share of available ad impressions  [Read More…]

SOULCALIBUR Released for iOS Platform Gamers

The popular fighting game is now available on iOS! SOULCALIBUR is a popular console game that encompasses head to head fighting with weapons. The game play is mesmerizing if you’re one of those chronic fighting game addicts. It is like many types of fighting games where one player is on the left and one is on the right and you attempt to drain their life bar by attacking your opponent. The first to lose all  [Read More…]

Nuance Beats Apple To Voice-Controlled Television With New Dragon TV Platform

Nuance, a speech recognition company that powers Apple’s Siri service, has launched a new voice-controlled platform for television sets called Dragon TV. The service allows you to navigate your way around different content by “speaking channel numbers, station names, show and movie names” using natural language. It’s everything you’d expect a Siri-powered Apple TV to be. With Dragon TV, you won’t be restricted to structured commands, and like the Siri service  [Read More…]

Google Releases New Social Reading Platform Called Currents

After an extensive period of beta testing and refining, a new Google product comes to fruition. Today, Google unveiled the brand new social publishing platform called “Currents.” The project, which was previously known under the “Propeller” code-name is a mobile app that is available on both Android and iOS devices. Publishers are given the option to package their content in a magazine-style web app, which is presented on tablets and smartphones with HTML5 usage. According  [Read More…]

Apple Users Continue to Remain The Most Loyal With 84% Sticking to the iOS Platform

A recent report from the research firm GfK claims that iPhone owners are much more likely to display loyalty to the iOS platform with intention of picking up another iPhone when upgrading their handset. More specifically, 84% of iPhone users that were a part of the research study said they would be upgrading to another iPhone, compared to just 60% of Android users who plan to purchase another Android device, and 48% of RIM users  [Read More…]

Loren Brichter – Lead Developer of Twitter For iOS Platform Leaves Company

If you, like me, are a Twitter addict and a long time iPhone user, then you are probably familiar with Loren Brichter. For those of you who don’t know who he is, Loren was the developer of the popular iPhone app called Tweetie, which was later renamed as “Twitter for iPhone.” Twitter ended up buying Brichter’s company, Atebits, last year and incorporated his work into the official Twitter app. After working at Twitter briefly, Loren  [Read More…]

Enjoy Hours of Gorgeous Platform Puzzle Fun With Contre Jour for iOS [Review]

Contre Jour for iOS Wait, what? You haven’t downloaded Contre Jour yet? Get thee to thine local Store of Apps and grab it, pronto. If you don’t yet own an iPhone or iPod, go out and buy one first, then get Contre Jour.   Chillingo‘s latest iGame is a delight, a puzzle platform that combines elements you’ve seen in lots of other games to create something new  [Read More…]

EA: The iPad is Our Fastest Growing Platform

We all know that the iPad has been nothing short of a phenomenal consumer success. In terms of sales and mindshare, Apple dominates the tablet market with a product that’s barely 18 months old.  When the iPad was first introduced, the highly-portable device was automatically seen as the perfect gaming device— with big names in the App Store, like Angry Birds, creating iPad-optimized versions of their popular gaming titles. Now, the CEO of Electronic Arts  [Read More…]