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New Android app design guidelines ripped from iOS playbook

Your Android apps are going to get an iOS-style makeover soon, thanks to new design guidelines from Google. Mostly concerned with the bottom of Android apps, Google is looking to have its developers place a bar across the bottom of their apps that will let users navigate between different sections of the app, just like […]

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Oreo’s new cookie takes a bite out of Apple’s playbook

Every summer Oreo comes out with a crazy new limited edition cookie to get you to stuff your face with more delicious cream filling. This year’s no different except instead of using watermelon, birthday cake, or lemon creme filling to…Read more ›

Microsoft borrows from Beats’ playbook in latest Surface Pro 3 ad

Microsoft’s $ 400 million plan to flood the NFL with Surface tablets hasn’t caught on too well this season. The hardware fumbled out the gate during preseason and even coaches and players have admitted the tablets are too complex to figure…Read more ›

New BBC Paid Streaming Video Service Takes A Page Out Of The iTunes Playbook

Given its tremendous success over the past 12 years, it’s easy to forget that the whole iTunes concept was once a risky proposition people weren’t sure would succeed. Well, leap forward to the present day, and even the UK’s much-lauded…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Why Are Some Experts Encouraged By RIMs PlayBook 2.0 Update?

Wall Street is cautiously optimistic that the update of RIMs PlayBook tablet could avoid the BlackBerry maker from once again putting its finances in a ditch. The software update prompted one high-profile analyst to tell investors he was less cautious about the near future. Yes, that doesnt scream confidence, but we are talking about the Titanic of mobile tech and people are still running for the lifeboats at RIM.  [Read More…]

RIM To Eat $485M In Unsold PlayBook Tablets

PlayBook versus iPad (Photo by The GameWay – http://flic.kr/p/9p5XMz)

Trying to compete against Apples iPad can be costly especially if you are RIM and your PlayBook tablet went from design to discount bin in record time. Today the Waterloo, Ontario company announced it will take a $ 485 million charge for a growing number of PlayBooks it just cant sell. After months of watching PlayBook sales slip first to  [Read More…]

Retailers Prep BlackBerry PlayBook For $199 Holiday Fire Sale

Blackberry PlayBook (Photo by clintonjeff – http://flic.kr/p/9HDmuJ)

Retailers have found getting rid of non-iPad tablets can be like selling Halloween candy in November. Retail giant Staples is taking a cue from other failed attempts to rival the Apple device and cutting up to $ 300 off RIMs PlayBook, just in time for Christmas. The fire sale, to start Friday at the Canada Staples (RIMs home turf), will trim PlayBook prices  [Read More…]

RIM: Buy 2 PlayBook Tablets, Get Another Free

Its never a good sign when you have to give your tablets away in order to compete with Apples iPad. A month after cutting consumer prices on its PlayBook, BlackBerry maker Research in Motion is telling businesses theyll throw in a free tablet if they buy two of the devices. The only thing missing from this desperate plea for sales is the word please.   The deal is available until  [Read More…]

RIM PlayBook Production Halved Amid Drastically Shrinking Demand for Non-iPads

In the latest chapter of RIMs slow-motion withdrawal from the tablet market, a key supplier of the PlayBook cuts its production line in half amid a drastically shrinking market for anything not Apple. Last week, the Canadian smartphone maker announced selling only a fraction of the units Wall Street expected. Quanta, which had created a production line with more than 2,000 workers operating in three shifts just for the PlayBook, has  [Read More…]

Apples iPad Shipments Dwarf RIMs PlayBook Numbers 19 to 1 [Report]

We knew Apples iPad dwarfed RIMs PlayBook, but now the image seems even more lopsided, thanks to shipping numbers from a group of analysts. The Cupertino, Calif. company shipped 19 iPads each time the BlackBerry maker shipped one of its rival devices. Little wonder RIM, facing financial scrutiny Thursday, is back concentrating on its smartphones.   RIM sold 490,000 of the seven-inch PlayBook tablets versus 9.25 million iPads shipped during the  [Read More…]