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Soccer coach equips players with iPads to overcome language barrier

With his ability to fire people up and get them motivated, Steve Jobs has been likened to a great football coach. And now to bring things full circle, a real football coach (or “soccer” to you American readers!) is using Jobs’ creation, the iPad, to help coach his players. The coach in question is Gary Neville, […]

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Kids of today think cassette players are iPhone docks

We’ve all seen the adorably hilarious videos of kids making us feel old by responding with general bafflement to ancient technologies like, erm, the original iPod. But you’d hope for the good of our future that people of driving age are a little bit more educated than that. Not according to a photo that’s currently […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Tim Cook hobnobs with tech power players in Sun Valley

Tim Cook and Eddy Cue were in Sun Valley, Idaho this week for Allen & Co’s annual gathering of the richest and most successful people in media and technology. The gathering includes multiple days of hobnobbing with fellow elites where Cook…Read more ›

Among music players, the Tefifon never found its groove

The history of music is full of stories of inventors – from Edison to Apple – trying to improve the listening experience. Even formats and devices that became obsolete, such as 8-track tapes or iPods, have a lasting place in…Read more ›

4 episodic games for players who love cliffhangers

You don’t always have to sit down to an epic, 100-hour slog to get your gaming in. Developers are delivering plenty of great bite-size, episodic games that (usually) release one part at a time. If you’re looking for something you…Read more ›

ICYMI: Gaming’s most innovative players, Apple Watch secrets, and more!

Hey, guess what? It’s yet another fantastic round up of great stories from Cult of Mac, so time for another special Newsstand issue just for you! We’ve got all of the best news stories and features compiled in one place…Read more ›

NFL bans players from wearing Beats headphones on camera

Bose just laid a major smackdown on Beats, courtesy of a new deal with the NFL which bars any non-Bose headphones from being shown during interviews on NFL broadcasts. The wide-ranging agreement covers TV interviews during training camps, practice sessions and, of…Read more ›

Video shows former NBA player’s Apple Store thefts and court appearance

Late last week, former NBA player Rex Chapman was arrested by police in Scottsdale, Arizona, after being charged with theft and trafficking in stolen property as a result of stealing over $ 14,000 worth of equipment from his local Apple Store…Read more ›

Sync all your smartphones, media players, storage devices and Macs with SyncMate [Sponsored post]

This post is brought to you by Eltima Software, creator of SyncMate. Do you have more than one Mac and a bunch of devices running iOS or Android, use cloud storage or mp3 players/cameras that support MTP and want to sync…Read more ›

Apple cracks down on apps which reward players for ad views and shares

The App Store is constantly evolving as both Apple and individual developers struggle to get the most out of the experience as possible. The latest change in this vein appears to involve App Store moderators cracking down on apps which…Read more ›