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Samsung pleads for damages cut in patent war with Apple

Samsung is asking the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to cut more money off the $ 930 million Apple won in a patent lawsuit. The company is arguing that the appeals court’s earlier ruling is still unfair, even after…Read more ›

Parking app under fire pleads its case to San Francisco officials

SAN FRANCISCO — When they learned they were next in line for a cease-and-desist letter from the City Attorney, three young entrepreneurs made haste to City Hall to salvage their dream of making circling the block for parking a thing…Read more ›

Man Pleads Guilty To Spending $1 Billion On Apple Stock & Bringing Down His Company


Securities trader David Miller has pleaded guilty to fraud after buying $ 1 billion of Apple stock without permission and bringing down his company. The 40-year-old purchased 1.625 million Apple shares on the day the Cupertino company reported its third-quarter results in October 2012, hoping that he’d be able to make a profit when the share price rose.

Instead, the share price fell and Miller’s gamble backfired, sending Rochdale Securities under.

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iPad Pinky Ripper Pleads Guilty

  handcuffed-to-briefcase Picture 6 Heres the latest twist in the story of an early iPad buyer who had his pinky torn so a thief could get his hands on Apples must-have device. Brandon Smith, 22, pleaded guilty Friday to aggravated robbery and second-degree assault, the Denver District Attorneys Office announced. The plea isnt completely out of nowhere: the scales were looking weighted after Smith reportedly  [Read More…]

Former Flextronics Executive Pleads Guilty to Leak Apple Secrets

Walter Shimoon, a former Flextronics executive, plead guilty Tuesday to leaking information about Apple products to Primary Global Research (PGR) and consequently hedge fund and money managers, according to theNew York Times. Shimoon plead guilty to two counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and one count of security fraud. The secrets Shimoon leaked included “actual and forecast sales figures for iPhones and iPods in the third and fourth quarters of 2009.” Shimoon was able  [Read More…]