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Please Don’t Blow Up The Last Bunny [Review]

I love games like Canabalt, even though a world of tricky endless runners flowed from that simple endless platformer’s success. Last Bunny takes the Canabalt style and introduces tilt controls along with jumping to give you more control over the… Read more ›     

You got a brand new baby. Congratulations. Your baby is probably the greatest thing ever. It probably even smells like love. Being a parents is amazing. I mean, I don’t really know what it’s like, but I imagine it’s pretty cool to watch a little person come out of another person and then raise it into a full-grown human like yourself and teach it cool ninja moves and stuff.

Now that you  [Read More...]

Please Do Not Print Large Jobs [Apple Humor]

Do Not Print Large Jobs humor

One Apple fan didn’t take kindly to the office message of “PLEASE DO NOT PRINT LARGE JOBS” (all in caps of course!) and decided to take on the note quite literally, printing an enormous rasterbatored image of the classic Steve Jobs portrait.

The original message was obviously aimed at preventing ginormous print jobs that hog printer queues office-folk are all too familiar with. Completely stupid, but this  [Read More...]

This is the closest you’ll get to using a rotary phone

I used a rotary phone once at my grandma’s house back when I was like 6 years old. It’s the only childhood telephone memory I can recall, but most kids my age have never had the pleasure of seeing the dial slowly rotate back into position with each successive twirling of a number. The iRetroPhone is the closest thing to a  [Read More...]

iOS 5 Concept Videos, Please Be Like This Some Day

Jan-Michael Cart has previously produced a number videos showing concepts of features he’d like to implemented in iOS 5. Cart has released a slew of new videos, and Apple needs to pay attention. Cart, who is majoring in Mass Media Arts at the University of Georgia, definitely has knack for producing concepts that are innovative and fit perfectly within the realm of Apple’s iOS spirit. The two features that I would love to see implemented in iOS 5 are “dynamic  [Read More...]