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Apple Watch takes an Olympic-size plunge, lives to tell about it

Summertime is finally upon us, and here in the Valley of the Sun, that mostly means one thing: cliff-jumping season. I’ve been worried that my Apple Watch might not survive some of the 50-foot cliffs my friends and I like…Read more ›

MacBook Air survives 1,000-foot plunge out of plane

  Imagine cruising low around South Africa in your small plane at 105 knots. You’re enjoying the scenery below when all the sudden your plane’s canopy pops open just wide enough to send your bag with a MacBook Air plummeting…Read more ›

Plunge out your iPhone’s sludge with these tidying tips

One of the best perks about having an iPhone is that it naturally does a pretty good job at running well. Although, after time many users have found that their iPhone runs slower and doesn’t perform as well as it…Read more ›

How Google Glass Copycats Will Plunge You Into Interactive 3-D World [Video]

Helped along by a sci-fi-style concept video, a new Google Glass competitor called the Atheer One shot halfway to its $ 100,000 crowd-funding goal in just a day. “In a few years, the digital world with all its rich information will…Read more ›    [Read More…]

PC Sales Plunge In Worst Single Quarter Ever [Report]

Your time, dear traditional notebook, is limited.

Your time, dear traditional notebook, is limited.

PC shipments plummeted 13.9 percent during the first quarter of 2013 as compared to the same period of time last year, even more than the expected decline of around 7.7 percent. The International Data Corporation released its Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker data today, and reports that these numbers are the worst quarter ever, since the IDC began tracking the  [Read More…]

Wall Street Error Causes Apple Stock To Plunge By 9% In Just Seconds

AAPL isn’t supposed to plunge like this.

Apple stock just keeps going up, up, up except when some computer goes bananas, starts screaming SELL SELL SELL and all of Wall Street panics. Which is pretty much what happened earlier today, when Apple stock lost 9% of its value in just a blink of an eye.   Theres not much info on what happened yet, but according to Business Insider, AAPL  [Read More…]