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Apple Is Holding Back A Hulu Plus App For Apple TV [Rumor]

A Hulu Plus application seems like the perfect addition to Apple’s $ 99 set-top box. While the device already comes packing a native Netflix app, the only way users can access current TV shows is by using the iTunes Store. According to some sources, however, a Hulu Plus app is ready to go, but Apple may not release it. The Cupertino company already has a final build of the Hulu  [Read More…]

Hulu Plus App for Apple TV Ready, Apple Conflicted About Release

Apple is experiencing some internal conflict over the decision whether or not to allow a Hulu Plus App on the Apple TV platform according to 9to5Mac. The application has reportedly been finished for as long as month running on Apple TVs inside the Cupertino Campus. Apple TV currently supports a Netflix app that enables users to stream movies natively to their televisions. Hulu Plus would do the same. The indecision on Apple’s part doesn’t stem  [Read More…]

Hulu Plus Apple TV App is Ready for Prime Time, But Apple Won’t Pull the Trigger [Rumor]

It appears that Apple has had a Hulu Plus app for the Apple TV cooking in Cupertino for over a month, and the app is running on prototype Apple TV units inside Apple’s headquarters. According to 9to5Mac’s sources, a Hulu Plus app is “ready to roll out” to current Apple TV users right now. Apple hasn’t pulled the trigger yet due to “political” reasons, like the fact that Hulu Plus  [Read More…]

µTorrent Gets an iPad-Friendly HTML5 Interface, Plus New Features on the Mac

Everyone’s favorite torrent client for the Mac just got an awesome update. In addition to a number of new features on the Mac, BitTorrent has launched a fantastic HTML5 version of µTorrent for the iPad that makes managing your µTorrent downloads a breeze while you’re away from your computer. The latest update was announced via a blog post on the BitTorrent blog, which outlines the latest features in the µTorrent for Mac application: –  [Read More…]

Import Photos To Your Google + Profile With Google Plus Photo Importer

Now, Yu can import a 100 photos from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and Photobucket to your Google plus account to your Google plus account. Capture Built on cloud to cloud technology, Google Plus Photo Importer allows you to bring your online photos together from various social networks, and it’s blazing fast! Here’s what you get… ?  [Read More…]

HP Officejet 6500A Plus Printer Packs a Potent Pro Punch [Review]

In all the hubbub with HP killing the TouchPad and spinning off its PC division, one might forget that HP still has a strong connection with Apple: They’re the only printer manufacturer with printers that fully integrate prinitng from iOS, thanks to HP’s inclusion of AirPrint on many of its printers. The HP Officejet 6500A Plus ($ 200), with its all-in-one features, automatic document feeder, wifi connectivity and removable duplexer  [Read More…]

Free Music D/L Plus For iPhone and iPad

Yesterday, Free Music D/L Plus has been released by Apps2be. The App downloads free music, audio books and music videos from free sites. And it’s completely Legal. FreeMusicDLPlus Free Music D/L Features: ? Web browser – Provides a user experience very similar to Mobile Safari – Tap and hold to force download – Full screen  [Read More…]

“iPad 2 Plus” With High-Res Screen Rumored

A new report from sources familiar with Apple’s iPad line-up says Apple may release a new iPad this year but not the iPad 3. This new model will showcase a new high-res display with much greater pixel density however will not be 3rd generation; it has been called at this time the “iPad 2 Plus”. FBR Capital Markets analyst Craig Berger stated that based on his watch of Apple’s overseas supply chain, he can conclude that  [Read More…]