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Pencil artist makes his point with amazing new book

The art that flows from Salavat Fidai’s pencils actually never leaves the pencils. A curvy stallion, a row of circus elephants or the Eiffel Tower remain on the tips of pencils thanks to Fidai’s steady hand and patient craft knife that carves the soft lead into a sculptural symbol easily recognized in the most unexpected […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Pessimistic analysts miss the point of iPhone 6c

The much-rumored iPhone 6c won’t be enough to let Apple compete for marketshare with super-low-cost Android smartphone makers, claims analyst group IDC — a.k.a. commentators who appear to have totally misunderstood Apple’s entire business model. “Even if Apple were to introduce another low-cost iPhone (e.g. ‘C’ version), IDC believes the price will struggle to compete with Android […][Read More…]

The life cycle from your iPhone’s point of view

I’m a sucker when it comes to upgrading to the latest iPhone, but like a lot of people I’ve stopped to think about how bizarre it is that new iPhones go from coveted items we’ll queue up for hours to…Read more ›

Pencil artist works in miniature — and that’s the point

Salavat Fidai is working proof that artists need not create large pieces to make a name for themselves. Much of what he creates is no bigger than the tip of a pencil — literally. Under the glow of a single…Read more ›

12-inch ‘iPad Air Plus’ schematics point to spring 2015 release

Enough reports have accumulated for us to say with fair certainty that there will be a larger iPad ‘Pro’ in the first half of next year, although nothing super concrete has been agreed upon regarding specs. Now Japanese magazine Mac…Read more ›

Scientific drop test takes iPhone 6 to the breaking point

We saw a kid in Australia perform the first unofficial drop test earlier today, but for those wanting to see the limits of iPhone 6 truly tested, the first scientific tests are in. Blogger Dave Rahimi — who was the…Read more ›

More signs point to ‘limited volume’ of sapphire glass iPhone 6

While most of the other rumors about the upcoming iPhone 6 have tended to sync up with each other, one thing we’ve still yet to get a clear answer on is whether or not Apple’s next generation smartphone will feature…Read more ›

Apple Store blackout dates point to September iPhone 6 launch

iPhone 6 case leaks have been sprouting up like spring flowers this May, and while we still have a long wait until Apple reveals the date of its iPhone 6 event, its retail stores might already be prepping for a Fall launch. Apple…Read more ›

Elevation Stand Adds Two Point Six Inches To Your iMac’s Height

Remember the Elevation Dock? Yeah, me too. The Kickstarter took so long to ship that everybody who’d ordered one had upgraded to the iPhone 5 by the time the dock shipped, so they needed an adapter to make it fit…Read more ›

Use Reduce White Point in iOS to Subtly Tone Down Harsh Bright Colors

The iOS interface is easily identifiable by it’s ubiquitous usage of whites and bright colors, which can be both pleasing to the eye but also excessively harsh when an iPhone or iPad is used in darker ambient lighting situations. New versions of iOS offer an ability to adjust that bright whiteness with a setting called … Read More