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This cool touchscreen tech can tell the angle your finger is pointing

Your iPhone can now distinguish between a light tap and a hard press thanks to 3D Touch, but the geniuses at a Carnegie Mellon University spinoff called Qeexo have found a way to one-up the iPhone 6s display with some new software that can determine the exact angle of your finger as you tap. Qeexo’s […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Developer Has Game Rejected For Pointing Out In-App Purchases Are “Nonsense”

There are an unlimited number of ways a developer can manage to get their new game rejected by the App Store police. Terry Cavanagh’s free game was rejected for probably the silliest reason you’ve ever heard – he told users that in-app purchases are complete nonsense.

The maker of Super Hexagon submitted his new iOS game, Don’t Look Back, to the App Store a few weeks ago. The game itself is a  [Read More…]