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Apple looks poised to sell 21 million watches in first year

Didn’t think the Apple Watch would catch on? Not everyone agrees, especially analysts who study sales projections. Cupertino is on track to sell 21 million watches and rake in about $ 8.4 billion in revenue in the first 12 months of the Apple Watch, according to one of the hottest Apple analysts around. Not bad for […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple Poised to Adopt New Wi-Fi Standard in 2012

Apple might be pushing the Wi-Fi envelope again in 2012 by adopting the “Gigabit Wi-Fi” standard. This new standard, 802.11ac, uses four times the frequency bandwidth compared to current Wi-Fi standards and requires up to eight antennas to function. The new standard is capable of lightning fast 1 Gigabit network speeds and increases range, reliability, and decreases power consumption at the same time. While the standard hasn’t been ratified by the 802.11 Working Group this  [Read More…]

Apple Reportedly Poised to Announced New Back-to-School Promotion

Click the image to open in full size. Any day now. That’s what we’re hearing is the timeframe for Apple to announce it’s yearly staple known as the "back-to-school" sales bonanza – an annual occurrence that typically serves up more than a few sweet promotions for customers in the market for a brand new Mac. Of course, speculation surrounding the established promotion’s return isn’t surprising in the least, as Apple traditionally opts  [Read More…]