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Tiny Polaroid ZIP is a selfie printer for your smartphone

If the fear of loss doesn’t persuade you to print the pictures on your smartphone, perhaps your curiosity about cool gadgets will. In this case, consider the Polaroid ZIP photo printer. It is a tiny ink-free printer slightly bigger than a deck of cards that, with an easy-to-use app, lets you make small prints from […]

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Next year, your iPhone 6 could become an augmented-reality Polaroid

These days, the closest most iPhone owners come to experiencing what it’s like to take a picture on a Polaroid instant camera is loading up the Instagram app. But a new startup is hoping to bring a built-in instant printer…Read more ›

The Socialmatic Instagram Concept Camera Just Got Real, And Will Be Made By Polaroid

Remember the Socialmatic concept camera? It was an Instagram icon made flesh, and it worked just like a Polaroid, spitting out a printed version of your filtered and light-leaked image.

Now, after extensive boardroom wrangling no doubt, the camera will actually become a real shipping product, and it’ll carry the Polaroid brand.

The original concept contained “16GB of SD storage, a 4:3 touchscreen, WiFi, and Bluetooth,” along with a built-in printer to  [Read More…]

Polaroid Wants To Be The Lens (And Case) Through Which You View iOS Photography [CES 2013]


CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – The truth of the matter is that there’s just no way to have a telescopic lens phallically jutting out of the back of your iPad in a way that Jony Ive’s sense of dignity in design would approve of. Props to Polaroid, then, for not even trying, instead going a more playful route with their  [Read More…]

Polaroid Opening New Stores Dedicated To Printing Your Smartphone Snaps

The Polaroid Fotobar in Delray Beach, Florida.

The Polaroid Fotobar in Delray Beach, Florida.

I can’t remember the last time I picked up a proper camera and took a photograph; every picture I take these days is on a smartphone. The problem with that is, I usually end up transferring them to my Mac, and then that’s where they stay. Forever. Making good quality prints isn’t as easy as it should be.

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How Polaroid Inspired Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was irreplaceable, but he does have his analogs. Driven, charismatic men who created their own companies based upon their ability to imagine a complete product that had never existed — “a perfect new product, whole, already manufactured sitting before him” — and spend tireless years to bring it to the world.

One of those analogues was Edwin Land, founder of Polaroid. And the number of parallels between his life  [Read More…]

‘Instant’ App Is The Most Realistic Polaroid Sim Yet

If you're going to add retro-style filter effects your photos, then you might as well use Instant, a new app for the iPad (and Mac) which goes the whole way: not only does it Instagrammatificate your images, but it forces you to watch the results pop out of a Polaroid camera, and then you have to wait for the picture to "develop."

Which is not to say that I don;t like the app. In  [Read More…]

This Case Turns Your iPhone 4 Into A Polaroid Printer [Concept]

The Polaroid camera was a stalwart of the family holiday for many years, but with the advent of digital photography, the instant gratification of the Polaroid was no longer needed in an era of cameras with LCD screens.

Now of course we all have our own cameras in our smartphones, and the iPhone in particular has an excellent camera. If only there was a way to get hard-copy photos out of it quickly. You know, like a Polaroid.

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