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A baseball coach changed the game with a little police work to solve fastball mystery

Michigan State University baseball coach Danny Litwhiler was reading the campus newspaper one day in 1974 when he decided to call the cops on some of his pitchers. An article and photo of campus police showing off the department’s new radar gun to catch speeders caught Litwhiler’s eye and he wanted police to swing by […][Read More…]

Police: ‘Don’t ask Siri about 9/11′

Everybody loves a good Siri Easter egg, but they aren’t always “ha-ha” funny. The city of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada, has apparently seen some serious fallout in the wake of the latest viral “Ask Siri about … ” trend. If…Read more ›

Cracking down on police brutality? There’s an app for that

Whichever side of the political equation you fall, there’s no denying that complaints about police brutality are all over the news at the moment. The American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California thinks its got the solution, however: a new…Read more ›

Beijing police arrests thieves for digging tunnel into iPhone warehouse

Getting your hands on an iPhone 6 in China isn’t always easy. Finding a nearby Apple Store can be tough. Then once you get there you have to deal with the long lines and the hassle of shelling out cash…Read more ›

Apple Store ‘die-in’ sends message to ‘capitalist America’ about police violence

Protesters streamed into an Apple Store in New York City on Friday to stage a “die-in” and call attention to a man who died at the hands of a police officer. The peaceful Apple Store invasion came on the third…Read more ›

Mac Setup: The Beautiful Home Desk of a Police Officer

This weeks featured Mac setup is the absolutely beautiful nearly minimalist home workstation of Poyan P., a police officer. Not only will you find some great modern hardware, but there’s a bit of retro goodness too. Let’s jump right in and take a peak at this great Apple setup: What Apple hardware is in your … Read More

Meet the police forensic tool pervs used to steal celebrity iCloud nude photos

Blame for the flood of celebrity nude photos that hit the Internet has been rotating from the pervy hackers that ripped the pics, to Apple, to the creator of iBrute, but while the FBI and Apple continue to investigate the…Read more ›

BlackBerry users reminded that calling the police won’t charge their phone

BlackBerry users have been warned that calling the emergency services will not charge their phone battery after some were fooled by bogus information that was circulated online. British Police have reminded users that unnecessary calls waste resources and could put lives in danger. “Hoax 999 of any…Read more ›

Maryland Police Bust Two Local Businesses For Selling Fake iProducts

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 7.52.52 AMIt’s the day before Labor Day Weekend starts in the United States, and news is a little slow this morning. It appears to be slow for the Maryland Police, too. They are claiming that they “busted” two Maryland stores and recovered hundreds of “counterfeit” Apple produces that were being sold as the real thing. That’s […]

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Apple Decrypts iPhones For The Police, But It Makes Them Wait [Report]


The security features built into Apple’s iOS software are so good that the police are unable to gain access to defendant’s iPhones when they need to. Apple itself is able to bypass the security software and decrypt locked devices — and it do so when the police request it. But the company has so many requests that it has to add police to a lengthy waiting list.

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