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Tim Cook on Apple’s tax avoidance: ‘That’s total political crap’

Tim Cook will sat down for a wide-ranging interview with 60 Minutes host Charlie Rose for Sunday night’s episode inside Apple HQ, and it appears that the two will have a heated exchange about Apple’s tax practice. In a preview of the interview released this afternoon, Tim Cook defended Apple’s tax policies, noting that the […]

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Napster’s Sean Parker is trying to create the Twitter of political opinions

Sean Parker — the rogue Silicon Valley investor behind Napster, and a formative part of Facebook’s early development — has a new iOS app out. It’s called Brigade, and it’s got good election timing: it’s an app devoted to sharing…Read more ›

Prepare for House of Cards’ return with more dramatic political chicanery

Netflix’s super-political drama House of Cards returns for its third season Friday, and if the Muppet version wasn’t enough to hold you over before you watch all the new episodes in one sitting this weekend, we’re here to help. You…Read more ›

iCitizen Turns Your iPhone Into A Powerful Political Tool [Daily Freebie]

  One of the most phenomenal — and frankly, underrated — aspects of the handheld computing revolution ushered in by the iPhone and its ilk is how much power, in the form of knowledge, has been placed, literally, in people’s…Read more ›    [Read More…]

All-Female iOS Game Revolution 60 Is Far More Than A Political Statement

XIE_Capture3Brianna and Frank Wu didn’t set out to make a statement. They just ended up creating a full-on spy-meets-spice-girls mobile game with the most distinctive look you’ve ever seen, and all the roles that matter are filled with women. “I love the idea of powerful girls who are blowing stuff up,” says Frank Wu, “flying […]

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Use Super PAC App To Find Out Who Is Funding Political Ads

Promoting transparency for all politically funded ads, whatever side they’re on.

Curious about who, exactly, is behind the growing number of TV ads for and against this or that political candidate, this or that political issue? Well, wonder no longer, as the developers behind Super PAC App bring Shazam-like audio recognition technology to the political advertisement space.

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Tech, Business, Political Leaders Pay Tribute to The Late Steve Jobs

Within hours of word coming that former Apple CEO Steve Jobs had passed away, the tech, business, political giants of our time have come forward to offer words of remembrance and praise for the man who changed technology and the way we live our lives forever. Among the first to comment Wednesday evening was Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg: “Steve, thank you for being a mentor and a friend. Thanks for showing that what  [Read More…]

Political Fact-Checking App Featured on iTunes Store

As the U.S. 2012 presidential election campaign gathers momentum, an app that checks the factual statements of politicians earned a thumbs up from Apple. PolitiFact Mobile is currently the only news app in New & Noteworthy section, alongside mostly entertainment offerings like graphic novel Burn Notice, music app Radio Soulwax, and a few productivity apps like PriorityList. Updated July 6, the $ 1.99 app that promises to keep politicians  [Read More…]