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Will you buy the new iPhone SE? [Reader Poll]

I was wrong. I can admit that now. When I first wrote about the rumors that Apple would launch a new, improved 4-inch iPhone way back in 2014, I said that I was skeptical that there was enough of a market to make Apple rush back to the 4-inch form factor, so soon after abandoning […]

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Microsoft’s new app lets you poll friends to plan events

Microsoft has been killing it on iOS with its lineup of premium productivity apps. Now the company is trying to make organizing group outings a lot more fun with is new app Tossup from the Microsoft Garage. Out today on…Read more ›

Poll: Which iPhone 6 model did you buy today?

The crazy iPhone 6 launch lines around the world are finally shortening up as the first wave of customers take their shiny new devices home. We’re back at the Cult of Mac Headquarters getting intimate with our big and bigger…Read more ›

Poll: Why is Apple building a huge stage for the September event?

Our first question when we saw the pics of the huge stage Apple is hammering into place at the already cavernous Flint Center is: what are they going to show off there? Has Craig Federighi’s hair become too inflated for…Read more ›

iPhone users are more likely to send sexts, poll claims

Want a wacky stat to start your Monday? According to a new poll by YouGov, iPhone owners are the most likely smartphone users to send “sexts.”   Apparently, more than 30% of iPhone users have sent explicit messages at some…Read more ›

Would You Buy An iPhone With A Larger Screen? [Poll]


Are You Afraid The NSA Will Steal iPhone Fingerprint Data? [Poll]

  The iPhone 5S’s new TouchID looks incredible and will surely be handy in saving time and keeping passwords out of your mind, but should we be worried that the NSA and other organizations will steal Touch ID data for far more nefarious purposes? Phil Schiller reassured the crowd this morning that all fingerprint data […]

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Amazon Beats Apple To Top Spot Of U.S. Consumer Satisfaction Poll


Amazon has topped a poll for the best reputation among 14,000 U.S. consumers, narrowly beating Apple who was last year’s number one. The retail giant achieved an 82.62% positive reputation, according to research firm Harris Interactive, while Apple achieved 82.54%. Google nabbed fourth place with a vote of 81.32%.

Amazon, Apple, and Google all made the top five, with Walt Disney and Johnson & Johnson taking second and fifth place respectively.  [Read More…]

Cast Your Vote: Pick The Final Winner For Best iOS App Of 2012 [Poll]

Ladies and gentlemen, your finalists

With your help, we’ve narrowed down the list of best iOS apps of 2012 to a handful of favorites: Clear, Temple Run, Angry Birds Star Wars, Google Maps, Letterpress, and Paper.

Big thanks to everyone who voted so far. Now’s your chance to pick a winner from the shortlisted finalists.

These are the apps that scored best in our previous round of voting, and  [Read More…]

Cast Your Vote: What Was The Best iOS App Of 2012? [Poll]

It’s time for you to vote for your fave

What was the best iOS app of 2012? We need your help to find out. Read on to see our longlist of candidates, and cast your vote for a shortlist later in the week.

The list below includes some you’ve suggested to us, and some Cult of Mac staff favorites from the past few months. We realize we’ll never be able to  [Read More…]