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The internet is for porn, and so is this new app based on Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is an open source app for Mac that allows users to stream movies from bit torrent sites that have ripped movies on them. The tech made a huge splash, but is now sadly defunct, even while its creators…Read more ›

You no longer need to jailbreak to get Popcorn Time on your iPhone

Sometimes described as “Netflix for pirates,” the video streaming service Popcorn Time is coming to iPhone, courtesy of its very own iOS app. The standalone app will launch imminently — quite possibly as early as today — and will allow users to watch pirated…Read more ›

Netflix calls Popcorn Time, the ‘Netflix for pirates,’ a direct competitor

Popcorn Time, the app for Mac and jailbroken iOS devices that allows you to stream movie and television torrents from the cloud, has often been heralded as “Netflix for pirates,” thanks to its easy-to-use interface and huge selection of content.…Read more ›

Popcorn Time: Everything you need to know about the Netflix of Torrents

Popcorn Time’s popularity has taken off this year by bringing BitTorrent streaming into the mainstream with a lineup of apps that let users watch nearly any movie they want for free with just the tap of a finger. We published…Read more ›

Popcorn Time is finally available on jailbroken iOS devices

Popcorn Time, the service that allows users to stream movie torrents, today makes its debut on iOS. It’s available only to jailbroken devices — there’s no way Apple would have approved it for the App Store — and it can be…Read more ›

Popcorn Time, the Netflix for Bittorrent, is coming to iOS “within a couple days”

I’m a huge fan of Popcorn Time, the Mac App that lets you stream torrents to your Mac and even (if you’re a Windows user) to your Apple TV. The one thing Popcorn Time doesn’t have is an iPhone or…Read more ›

Popcorn Time can now stream torrents to your Apple TV

Popcorn Time is Hollywood’s worst nightmare: a Netflix for torrents that streams the hottest movies right to your Mac or PC. Now, it’s become even more nightmarish for the industry. It will now stream torrented movies directly to the Apple…Read more ›

Never burn another bag of popcorn with Perfect Pop

Whether you’re watching television at home or a new feature film at the movie theaters, popcorn always serves to be a tasty viewing companion. While popcorn is delicious there’s nothing more frustrating than smelling the buttery cooking kernels only to…Read more ›

Popcorn Time, The Netflix For BitTorrent, Has Shut Down

Last week we told you about Popcorn Time, a new desktop app that was essentially like Netflix for streaming movies over BitTorrent. We were one of the first sites to pick up the app, and since then it has been…Read more ›    [Read More…]