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How to Allow Pop-Up Windows in Safari for Mac

Pop-up windows on the web may be annoying in general, but many financial, banking, and tax websites use pop-ups to display documents or additional information. Thus while many people think of web pop-ups as frustrating or bad, sometimes they’re a necessary part of using a particular website or accessing some material. But pop-up windows are … Read More

How to Trigger an Alert Dialog Pop-Up from Command Line in Mac OS

Ever wished you could make a dialog alert pop-up on the Mac by way of the Terminal? Well it turns out that you can with the always useful osascript command, which allows execution of AppleScript from the Terminal. For those who spend a lot of time at the command line of MacOS, this can be … Read More

How to Turn Off the Pop-Up Blocker in Safari for iPhone & iPad

Most iPhone and iPad users will want to enable the pop-up blocker in Safari for iOS in order to prevent annoying popups and nuisances, but sometimes the built-in Safari pop-up blocker is overly aggressive and wrongfully blocks a popup on a site where pop-up usage is required for the site to work as intended. For … Read More

How to Disable “Search / Copy” Pop-Up in Opera When Selecting Text

The Opera web browser is perhaps best known more recently for having a great free VPN included in the browser, and while it’s generally a good web browser alternative, the latest versions include a rather annoying pop-up feature that shows up any time any text is selected in the app. Fortunately, you can disable the … Read More

If You’re In Atlanta, Make Sure To Stop By The Apple Pop-Up Museum [Gallery]


A physical timeline of the iPod’s history.

The Apple Pop-Up Museum showcases the history of Apple from its inception to today. The exhibit is run by Lonnie Mimms, a tech junkie who has been collecting every bit of Apple gear he can get his hands on for decades.

The museum opened last month, and if you’re in the Atlanta, Georgia area on May 18th or June 8th, Mimms will be opening the doors again.

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Get the Old Pop-Up Style Alert Notifications Back in iOS 5

Go back to pop-up alerts in iOS Many users are thrilled about the new iOS Notification Center and easily dismissed alerts, but some still prefer the old style of pop-up dialog notifications. You can enable the old pop-up alert style again, but you have to do it on a per-application basis with iOS 5: Tap onto Settings and go to Notifications Tap on an application that you want to have the  [Read More…]

Samsung Ambushing iPhone Launch in Sydney With ‘Pop-Up’ Store

iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy high street battle (Video Thumbnail)Click to play video iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy high street battle Apple fans queue outside Sydney’s Apple store for Friday’s delivery of the new iPhone 4S as bargain-hunters queue for the $2 Samsung Galaxy S II, just one shop away.   Read more:http://www.smh.com.au/digital-life/mobiles/samsung-ambushes-apples-iphone-4s-launch-in-sydney-20111012-1lk0d.html#ixzz1ae5NQkop iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy high street battle Apple fans queue outside Sydney’s Apple store for Friday’s delivery of the new iPhone  [Read More…]