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Slider iPad Stand Is Sturdy, Portable And Pocket-Friendly

iPad stands: You really do need one. Some are happy with the Smart Cover, which is fine for typing and movie watching, but not much else. And the really smart folks use the PadPivot, which is still my go-to do-everything stand (I’m using one right now).

But if what you want is a sturdy-looking stand for an iPad, whether in portrait or landscape orientations, and whether its in a case or out, then  [Read More…]

Connect iPad To Tripod (And More) With ArchMount Ultra Portable Mounting System [Kickstarter]

Now, where is that 100-pound bag of dog food?

Now, where is that 100-pound bag of dog food?

Have you ever tried to do any serious videography with an iPad? I don’t recommend it casually, but the iPad can be a great HD video tool, combining high resolution video capture abilities with a large screen for monitoring. Connecting it to a tripod, however, can be a trial.

SerialKickers aim to solve this  [Read More…]

Braven’s Huge 850 Portable Bluetooth Boombox [CES 2013]

CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – Braven, the maker of some of the best Bluetooth portable speakers we have used, has just announced its new Big Jambox competitor – the 850.

Like the 650, the new speaker comes in a drilled aluminum case which is both stylish and light. Unlike the 650, it is huge, with a sound to match.

The 850 also  [Read More…]

Get Quality Wireless Sound With The AFS1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker [Deals]

Today’s Cult of Mac Deal sounds great…literally!

The AFS1 Portable Bluetootk Speaker offers great sound – wherever and whenever you want it. You can easily sync this powerful little speaker to your tablet, phone, computer, or bluetooth compatible music player to enjoy stereo quality tunes anywhere. And for only $ 39 you’re gettinga deal that sounds great on a whole other level!

There’s a lot to this speaker, which offers 360°  [Read More…]

Charge Your iPhone Quickly With Mophie’s Portable Juice Pack Powerstation [Review]

Mophie juice pack powerstation 1 2

Power! It’s the stuff I’m always hunting for in the halls of conventions, like the upcoming 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). For you see, when you’re multi-touching your iPhone 5 morning, noon, and night, a once-a-day charge isn’t going to cut it.

So this year, when I’m gadget-hunting on the floors of CES, in my bag I’ll definitely be carrying the Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation ($ 79). It’s  [Read More…]

This Is Hacking! Vintage Macintosh Portable Now Runs OS X [Video]

Ah, the venerable old Macintosh Portable. First introduced in 1989, the $ 6,500 wasn’t just a milestone in that it was the first battery-powered portable Mac, but it was also the first laptop ever used to send an email in space.

I’ve always been fond of the cute, suitcase-y design of the Portable Macintosh, so I’m delighted to see that some industrious hacker has given it a new life by gutting  [Read More…]

Apple Has Already Banned The Perfect Apple Fanboy Portable Speaker

Apple’s legal team is freaky fast, and they don’t mess around. Yesterday we saw these portable speakers by iAudio2 that feature a glowing Apple logo on the casing. They’re small and probably sound like crap because they’re so cheap, but they look great. Too great. And we warned that if you wanted to get one you should act quick because Apple would be coming out with the ban hammer real fast.

  [Read More…]

Apple Fanboys, This Is The Perfect Portable Speaker For You

If your iPhone 5 speakers aren’t loud enough when you’re trying to have an impromptu Lady Gaga dance party, you might wanna look into getting a portable speaker that can keep your beats fast and your base down low.

The iAudio 2 portable bluetooth speaker is perfect for Apple Fanboys. It even looks like something Apple would make and comes with a glowing Apple logo on the front, which really means  [Read More…]

Wrap Your iPhone or iPad Bluetooth Sound In These Natural Wood Portable Speakers

Wood is, indeed, awesome. Speaker makers have been using wood for years to wrap high-end speakers in, utilizing the highly resonant natural properties of wood for sound reproduction. Now, with the all the rage for tiny bluetooth speakers like the Jambox and the Logitech Mini Boombox, perhaps it’s time for something just a bit more, well, woody.

The 1Q speaker is tiny, but it has a 30 foot range, over  [Read More…]

iConvert Turns Your iPad Into A Portable Scanning Station

Some bits and bobs of tech just never seem to go away entirely no matter how much tech you own, and just as you always need to have a printer around for that rare printout, theres always a need to have access to a scanner to digitize the stray scrap of paper or mottled receipt. With so many people now ditching their laptops for iPads, the iConvert aims to fill  [Read More…]