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Lock the Compass Needle Position on an iPhone for Better Navigating

The iPhone’s bundled Compass app can be both fun and useful, adding to the devices multi-tool and digital swiss army knife functions. For those who want to use the built-in iOS compass for navigation, you’ll be pleased to find that you can lock the needles directional position at a set point, greatly improving the ability … Read More

Place the Cursor at the Mouse Position in Terminal with an Option+Click

Most command line users rely heavily on Terminal keyboard navigation to move about within text files and get around within the Terminal, but OS X has a super simple trick up its sleeve that lets you instantly position the mouse cursor anywhere in the Terminal. Yup, no more tabbing around or repeatedly tapping on the … Read More

How to Move the Dock Position in Mac OS X

The Dock sits at the bottom of the screen on every Mac by default, and it will stay there unless it has been relocated either with a settings adjustment or a key modifier. If you’d like to switch the location of where the OS X Dock resides, you can easily do so with either method outlined below, using System Preferences which is the better known method, or the faster but lesser known trick of using the Shift key and dragging  [Read More…]

Obama Nominates Apple’s Chief Lobbyist For A Position At The State Department

novelliPresident Obama announced today that he has tapped Catherine Novelli, VP of Worldwide Government Affaris for Apple to fill a position in the State Department. Novelli has been Apple’s top lobbyist since 2007 but is set to serve as Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy and the Environment. Although the nomination still has to be approved, […]

The post Obama Nominates Apple’s Chief Lobbyist For A Position At The State Department appeared  [Read More…]

Former Apple Store Chief Ron Johnson Leaves CEO Position At JC Penney


Is he headed back to Apple?

Ron Johnson, the man who helped create the Apple Store alongside Steve Jobs, has left his role as the CEO of JC Penney. Johnson resigned from Apple back in 2011 to accept the JC Penney position.

Morale at JC Penney has weakened since Johnson was put in charge. His Apple mindset didn’t apply to JC Penney’s business model very well, and his leaving the company doesn’t  [Read More…]

Microsoft Shareholder Note Points To A New, More Apple-Like Position On Hardware

Why is this girl so happy? That isn’t a Mac.

In a letter to shareholders posted today on the Microsoft Investor website, Steve Ballmer, current CEO of Microsoft, said something surprising.

His comments in the annual letter suggest that Microsoft may take a page out of the Apple playbook and start building its own phones based on the upcoming Surface tablet PCs, similarly to the other hardware made by the Redmond-based tech  [Read More…]

Adam Bell Courted New Position with Apple Store Visit

This sounds like what people who dont live in California think people here do on dates: take a stroll around the Apple retail store in Palo Alto, then have some sushi and a little conversation. Except that this isnt a date, its the meeting of two businessmen. The Wall Street Journal recounts how Peter Bell decided to court iAd chief Andy Miller away from Apple in an afternoon they spent  [Read More…]