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iPhone 7 demand predicted to be ‘remarkably high’

Forget about the “peak iPhone” problem; Goldman Sachs senior equity research analyst Simona Jankowski thinks this year’s iPhone 7 is going to be a big one for Apple. Coming off the back of Apple selling its billionth iPhone sometime this summer, Jankowski is of the opinion that the number of people clamoring to get their hands […]

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Apple Watch shipments predicted to fall 25 percent this year

Apple Watch shipments may fall by more than one-quarter this year as compared to 2015, claims well-connected KGI Securities Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. In an investment note to clients, Kuo writes that he thinks Apple Watch shipments will top out at fewer than 7.5 million units this year; representing a significant drop from the 10.6 […]

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This comic predicted Apple would ‘invent’ the Surface Pro in 2015

If the iPad Pro portion of today’s keynote felt a little bit familiar to you, it might have been because Apple’s new gigantic tablet is in many way a direct copying answer to the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet that was introduced three years ago. iPad Pro comes with many of the same bells and whistles […]

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Predicted 58 million iPhone sales will crush the competition this quarter

Like a Terminator in a downhill marathon, the runaway sales of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus aren’t slowing down in a hurry. According to a new report published in the Korean press, analysts are expecting the iPhone to trample all…Read more ›

iPhone 6 predicted to outsell Galaxy Note by a massive 10 to 1

The iPhone 6 is obliterating Samsung’s Note 4 in sales, and could even outsell it 10x according to a Korean analyst. In a note to clients, Shinhan Investment’s Kim Young-chan wrote that the iPhone “will outsell the Galaxy Note 4…Read more ›

Apple predicted to sell 30-60 million iWatches during first year alone

There may not be any official announcement of Apple’s iWatch entry into the wearable tech market just yet, but that’s not stopping analysts from predicting big things for it. The latest is Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty, who suggests that the…Read more ›

Round iWatch predicted to go into production this summer

An analyst has traveled to Apple’s supply chain in Taiwan, and he claims to have learned about the rumored iWatch. While the design of Apple’s upcoming wearable has been a point of contention so far, Brian Blair of Rosenblatt Securities claims that it will…Read more ›

Apple Predicted To Become Most Powerful Media Company By 2020

Will Apple become the top media company in 2020?

At a Techonomy conference today, two of the four panelists called out Apple as “most likely to succeed” at a session discussing how advertising could affect existing media companies.

While the session itself didn’t spend a lot of time on Apple, according to Techcrunch, the panel ended with an answer to moderator Dave Morgan’s question on predictiong the world’s most powerful media company  [Read More…]

Apple Predicted to Sell 40 Million iPhones in China Next Year

To say that Apple’s iPhone 4S is a hot commodity in China would be a significant understatement. Two weeks ago, crowds swarmed outside of Beijing’s Apple Store to such an exceptional extent that local authorities were called in to control the out-of-control masses. Apple was subsequently forced to suspend iPhone sales at the stores in Beijing and Shanghai to help keep the peace and prevent further gathering of riotous crowds. The company announced it would  [Read More…]

The Story Behind How Apple Predicted Siri and The iPad 3 Back In 1987 [Video]

A few weeks ago, we posted the video above to show how Apple saw Siri and the iPad coming back in 1987. We didnt tell the story behind the video though, which is equally fascinating. Back in 1986, Apple CEO John Sculley had a conversation with Apple Fellow Alan Kay, the revolutionary American computer scientist who coined the phrase the best way to predict the future is to invent it. Kay pointed out to Sculley that almost all of Apples  [Read More…]