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Why NYC Thieves Prefer Mugging People For iPhones Than Android Smartphones


Late last year, Cult of Mac reported that New York City’s crime rate had increased for the first time in twenty years, not due to the resurgence of criminal gangs like the Warriors and the Baseball Furies, but because the iPhone was just such a popular thing to steal.

Why are criminals so interested in ripping off iPhones, though, and not, say, Samsung Galaxy S III’s? What it all comes down  [Read More…]

Nearly 70% Of Apple Owners Prefer Black To White

White gadgets became an iconic symbol under the careful craftsmanship of Apple. When Apple released the original iPod 11 years ago in classic Apple white, everybody wanted one, and eventually every gadget manufacturer in the world tried to copy that style.

Over the last few years though, black iDevices have started to gain in popularity over their white brethren. Black is classy, professional, and always down for a good time, whereas white is  [Read More…]

Fact: Plutocrats & Billionaires Prefer The iPhone

There’s always been a stigma around Apple products that they’re really just made for rich people. Almost all of Apple’s machine’s cost well over $ 1000, and the iPhone and iPad are two of the most expensive products in their categories.

Some people say only rich people can afford Apple products, and maybe they have a small point. A recent report shows that Apple is the company of choice for users  [Read More…]

Match.com Survey Reveals Android Users Prefer One Night Stands While iPhone Users Are Most Likely To Get Busy With A Coworker

A recent Match.com survey of Canadian smartphone users has revealed some interesting patterns surrounding ones love life in regards to the mobile operating system they use. Cell phones have become a huge part in how we communicate and build relationships, whether through talking, email, or texting. 75 percent of Canadian singles seem to agree with that, and heres what Match.com found out about their relationship habits and what mobile OS they  [Read More…]

Robbers and Thieves Seem to Prefer The iPhone

The Android platform and the iOS platform have always been a topic of heated discussion in most cases. Whatever your personal views may be, it is important to note that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so agreeing to disagree is usually the best bet here. That being the case, it is always interesting to read statistics and information regarding the two. According to NBC New York, two robbers in upper Manhattan are targeting  [Read More…]

91% of App Developers Prefer iOS over Android/Other OS’s

App developers say they would rather code for iOS. Folks, iOS is very fun to develop for. That’s coming from experience; but not only that, from fellow developers as well. Android developers, as well as existing iOS developers, can agree on one thing: iOS is the preferable platform to develop for. A survey was conducted asking 2,160 Appcelerator developers which platform they most wanted to develop apps for. 91% said they wanted to develop for  [Read More…]