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Should You Pre-order The iPhone 5 Or Buy It From The Apple Store? [Let’s Talk]

You probably already know whether or not you’re going to buy the iPhone 5 by now, but how are you going to buy it? John Brownlee published his excellent guide on how to pre-order the iPhone 5 the right way, but is pre-ordering the best way to go? Yes, it’s the surest bet. If you pre-order early, you’re guaranteed to get your iPhone 5 on September 21st.

Here’s my dilemma though; my  [Read More…]

Pre-order Your New iPad Now, Because Delivery Dates Are Slipping In The U.S.

Seriously, guys, if you haven’t already, it’s time to pre-order a new iPad, as multiple models are starting to slip from a guaranteed March 16th delivery date to “shipping on March 19th.” For example, the 16GB WiFi-only model, seen above. And when they say “shipping on March 19th”, they mean shipping all the way from China, which could take up to week. So get your  [Read More…]

Avatar iTunes Extras Special Edition Is Now Available To Pre-Order

A special edition of James Cameron’s Avatar is set to hit the iTunes Store on December 20, and for fans of the film it is not to be missed. In addition to an original screenplay by Cameron, it features over 1,700 images and allows fans to “deconstruct some of the movie’s most memorable scenes.” Pre-orders for the title begin today, December 16, at $ 19.99 for high-definition, or $ 14.99 for the standard definition release. Fans can experience the global  [Read More…]

Preorder iPhone 4S Customers Get Duped Into Long Waits While Others Don’t

A recent report details an interesting tale of woe for preorder iPhone 4S customers. These customers decided that the right thing to do would be to preorder their iPhone 4S for home or office delivery. After all that sure beats waiting in line for hours on launch day right? Unfortunately for some customers that isn’t true since they are going to have to wait weeks to get their preordered iPhone  [Read More…]

Weird Focus-Later Digital Camera Goes On Pre-order, But Only Works With Macs For Now

Lytro camera This is the Lytro, a bizarre and radical new concept in digital photography that lets you snap an image now, and worry about focusing it later. Pre-orders just opened today, and you can grab one for as little as $ 399 (I’ll take two!). But before you click the order button, make sure you have a Mac – because Lytro doesn’t work with Windows computers yet.  [Read More…]

The iPhone 4S Pre-order Adventure (Unlimited Data?)

Last night at midnight PST (3AM EST) there were a lot of people awake trying to pre-order an iPhone 4S. Luckily for all of us who simply hate sleep, the pre-orders through Apple and AT&T didn’t really start working at all until a little after 4AM EST. Users who wanted Verizon were able to pre-order theirs even before 3AM EST as the Verizon site went live. The Apple store site had shut down with it’s now-famous “We’ll  [Read More…]

Pre-Order Your iPhone 5 From China Telecom At The End of September

Image courtesy of Flickr user bfishadow

While Apple is still yet to announce its highly-anticipated iPhone 5, that hasn’t stopped a number of carriers from advertising the device and taking pre-orders. China Telecom is the latest to begin preparations for Apple’s fifth-generation device, reportedly taking orders from the end of this month. According to a report from Southern Metropolis Daily, China Telecom — China’s third-largest carrier — has already begun advertising  [Read More…]

Preorder This Solar Powered iPad Case And Get Rid Of Your Charger Forever

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be forever losing the charger for your Apple gadgets. Thanks to this solar powered iPad case, however, you may never need one again. The LilyPad 2 is an an Apple certified iPad 2 case that is packed with incredibly helpful functions. Not only will it charge your device using the sun when you lose your charger, but when you lose the device itself, it will  [Read More…]