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Modbook Pro Brings OS X To The Tablet, Pre-Orders Start October 3

The closest you’ll get to an iPad running OS X.

Have you ever looked at your iPad and wished it ran OS X, Apple’s desktop operating system? I have — like when I attempted to use WordPress in mobile Safari. But a Mac-powered tablet is no longer just a dream, thanks to the Modbook Pro. The Modbook Pro comes with all the benefits you get with an iPad, such as a touchscreen  [Read More…]

iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Now Showing 3-4 Weeks Shipping Estimate Online

AT&T, Verizon and Sprint are now showing 3-4 weeks shipping estimates for the iPhone 5.

It’s been less than a week since the iPhone 5 was made available for pre-order, and shipping estimates from the Apple Store have now slipped to 3-4 weeks. It took a couple hours for shipping estimates to slip to 1-2 weeks last Friday morning, and then they slipped even father to 2-3 weeks shortly after.

Considering the  [Read More…]

This Chart Shows How Stunning The Number Of iPhone 5 Pre-orders Really Was

The iPhone 5 is already Apple’s most successful iPhone ever, in terms of first day sales figures. Apple received 2 million iPhone 5 pre-orders, which is double the number they received for the iPhone 4S.

GigaOM put together a quick chart to show just how stunning the iPhone 5 pre-orders have been. The iPhone 4S was the most successful smartphone ever, and the iPhone 5 is on pace to absolutely blow  [Read More…]

iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Break AT&T Sales Record Making It The Fastest-Selling iPhone Ever

The iPhone 5 is going to be huge.

With Apple’s initial iPhone 5 pre-order stock gone within just one hour on Friday, we knew the company’s sixth-generation smartphone was going to be huge. Even Apple itself has said that it has been “blown away” by the demand. It’s little surprise to hear that the iPhone 5 has broken AT&T’s sale record, then, making it the fastest-selling iPhone the company has ever sold.

  [Read More…]

iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Sold Out in an Hour

iPhone 5 preorders sold out ship in 2 weeks

If you didn’t stay up until midnight (or 3AM for those on the east coast) and pre-order right away, you already missed the opportunity to get an iPhone 5 shipped to you on launch day through Apple. In an impressive display of demand, the iPhone 5 pre-orders sold out in an hour, and by 1AM PST the shipping window was moved back 2  [Read More…]

iPhone 5 Preorders Go Live, Get Yours Now

It’s the middle of the night and we want to get back to bed, so we’ll make this quick: you can now pre-order the iPhone 5.

Well, it’s a little more confusing than that. As of writing, if you’re doing it through the web, the Apple Store is still down. However, you can complete your preorder quickly using the Apple Store app, and we were able to preorder our iPhone 5  [Read More…]

Walmart Offering iPhone 5 Preorders With A $10 Discount

You can visit your local Walmart in the morning to preorder the iPhone 5.

For the first time in history, retail giant Walmart is accepting preorders for Apple’s newest iPhone alongside Apple, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. Not only that, but Walmart is offering a $ 10 discount for the iPhone 5, meaning that customers can buy the 16GB version for$ 189.97 instead of the normal $ 199 charged by Apple.

While Apple  [Read More…]

Start Time for iPhone 5 Pre-Orders is 12:01AM PST on September 14?

pre-order iPhone 5

iPhone 5 pre-orders appear to be starting at 12:01AM Pacific Standard Time (3:01 Eastern) on September 14 – midnight tonight. The pre-order date was previously announced for Friday, September 14, but the beginning time was uncertain. Since then, MacRumors notes that both Verizon and Sprint have come forward to announce the midnight ordering, and presumably AT&T will follow suit.

That leaves Apple who hasn’t yet announced the official  [Read More…]

iPhone 5 Preorders Will Start Friday 12:01 AM PST, 3AM EST

We’ve been waiting to hear official word from Apple about when preorders for the iPhone 5 will begin, so we can set our alarms for tomorrow morning. Even though Cupertino has been silent on the matter so far, both Sprint and Verizon have confirmed that they will start taking preorders for the iPhone 5 at 12:01AM PST.

Last year Apple, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon started taking preorders at 12:01AM, so it’s  [Read More…]

iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Start September 14 for Release Date of September 21

iPhone 5 pre order and release dates

Unless you live under a rock you know the iPhone 5 launched earlier and naturally, we all want one with it’s gorgeous 4″ display, super fast 4G LTE networking, dramatically improved camera, and all the other great features. The good news is we only have a few weeks to wait, with the official iPhone 5 release date being September 21!

Want one on release date?  [Read More…]