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How to use math to wrap perfect presents

Wrapping Christmas presents takes talent. A talent I do not have. Most of my wrappings look more like a crumpled mess of paper instead of perfect parcels fit for a king. Turns out I’ve been doing it all wrong by not including a very necessary ingredient in my wrapping repertoire: math. Mathematician Katie Steckles published […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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God of Light Presents An Elegant Metaphor For Puzzle Games [Review]

God of Light has a simple, fun concept. It has pretty graphics and some cool music by British electronica outfit Unkle. And it has realistic light physics. And all of these are great, but a lot of games look and…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Once Magazine Presents A Smart New iPad Format For Photographers

Once magazine Once is a new photography magazine for iPad, but itís one with a nice twist: the publishers plan to share income with the contributors.   Iíve just spent an enjoyable hour going through the first (free) edition and Iím impressed. Much thought has gone into making sure that this is more than just a slideshow of photographs. The three photo stories in this edition include plenty  [Read More…]

Infographic Presents the 40-Year Evolution of the Smartphone

The term smartphone will soon exit our vernacular due to the obvious redundancy. There are no more dumbphones, only phones. Every single phone maker is betting the world on extremely powerful handsets capable of computing tasks we only dreamed were possible in a mobile environment less than five years ago. Categorizing phones between smart and dumb is nearly irrelevant. Smartphones are the new phones and there is no looking back. Well, actually there is. This  [Read More…]

Form Design & Jewellery presents a line of jewelry in Apple style

Form & Jewellery Design has designed a collection of jewelry that Apple would soon be available for sale. It is the trattad a series of jewelry made from recycled plastic and the same quality as that used for the original Apple accessories. http://www.iphoneitalia.com received a preview of photos of some of these products, we suggest the following: [Read More…]