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Can You Disable Presidential Alerts on iPhone? Or Mute Them?

Did your iPhone start playing a loud alarm sound with an Emergency Alert notice or Presidential Alert message on your screen? Then you may have received the test of the “Presidential Alert” from the Emergency Alerts system sent to your phone! Indeed most Americans received an alert on their cell phone (iPhone or Android) that … Read More

White House photographer used an iPhone to snap Presidential Christmas decorations

President Obama might not be allowed an iPhone for security reasons, but an iPhone 6 Plus did make into the White House recently — to photograph the Presidential Christmas decorations. “If you are looking to capture something candid, people are…Read more ›

Watch The 57th U.S. Presidential Inauguration Live With New Mobile App


President Obama will be officially sworn into office for his second term on Monday, January 21st at the nation’s capital. If you can’t be in DC to witness the event, The Presidential Inaugural Committee has you covered with a dedicated app for your Android handset or iPhone.

The free Inaugural 2013 app is available for free in both Google Play and the App Store.

Don’t miss a moment of the 57th Presidential Inauguration  [Read More…]

These Wacky Presidential Wallpapers Will Help You Celebrate Election Day With Style [Gallery]

No matter which presidential candidate you’re voting for, today is a day to be proud for America. As Americans across the country come together to decide the direction of the country, we should relish the freedom we have to vote and elect a new president every four years. Democracy is one of the greatest aspects of the good ‘ole U.S.A.

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Obama & Romney Square Off Over Apple At 2nd U.S. Presidential Debate

At yesterday’s second U.S. Presidential Debate, President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney were both asked about the iPad, the Mac and the iPhone, specifically in relation to how to get Apple to start manufacturing their products in America again. The two candidates’ answers differed, with Romney opining it was because China “cheated” and Obama saying that “there are some jobs that are not going to come back.”

The transcripts  [Read More…]

Weird, Comical New Speech App Mimics Presidential Voices

I can only imagine the whimsical hilarity resulting from one of these being installed on a White House staffers iPhone: iSpeech Obama or its somewhat late sister app, iSpeech Bush are a pair of apps that allow you to enter speech and play it back in the voice of Presidents Barack Obama or George Bush. The free version of the app only does text-to-speech youll have to type in the words you want Bush or Obama to say.  [Read More…]