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Apple’s new iPad Pro packs pretty display and plenty of grunt

Forget the iPad Air 3. Apple’s new 9.7-inch tablet will be a scaled-down version of its supercharged 12.9-inch iPad Pro — called (drumroll, please) the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. The new, smaller iPad Pro features four-speaker audio, a rear flash, Apple Pencil support, a Smart Connector for an all-new 9.7-inch Smart Keyboard, Apple’s most advanced iPad camera […]

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iPhone 6s review: Pretty on the outside, a beast on the inside

The iPhone 6s looks just like its predecessor, but new features make this year’s model much, much more than just an “incremental” upgrade. An iPhone 6s review.

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You’ll want this pretty leather sleeve for your iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

Well that didn’t take very long. A little over a week after Apple announces the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard accessories, a leather sleeve has emerged on Kickstarter to nicely pair your new 12.9-inch tablet with the stylus. The new Pad & Pencil is a snazzy case for your iPad Pro made […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Samsung’s VP of Marketing does a pretty good Job(s)

Samsung has been mercilessly copying Apple’s software, hardware, and marketing for years, but the most unoriginal company in tech has taken its copycat ways to an all new level by ripping off Steve Jobs’ signature look now too. In a recent promotional headshot for his upcoming appearance at the DMEXCO conference in Germany, Samsung VP […]

WWDC’s long-winded keynote makes a pretty snappy song

Jonathan Mann is the Song a Day creator who’s (so far) written and recorded 2,350 songs (including this one) for his YouTube channel. He’s an Apple fan, of course, and many of his songs have to do with the Cupertino-based… Read more ›

Time Warner CEO ‘pretty confident’ Apple TV service is on the way

Apple’s streaming TV service has long been a force of fodder for the rumor mill, but according to Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes, it’s already a foregone conclusion. During Time Warner’s earning’s call on Wednesday, Bewkes told investors that he’s… Read more ›

Triplecorder didn’t have a dynamic sound but it sure looked pretty

There was a time when a device that had more than one function was something to behold. It took a real feat of engineering to make a machine that could do several things without taking up a good chunk of… Read more ›

The Apple Watch is actually pretty tiny, compared to Android Wear

I’m not sure about you, but even with the aid of the Apple Store app, I’ve sort of intuitively felt that the Apple Watch just must be huge, and certainly way too huge to put on my wrist. Well, maybe… Read more ›

Alcatel Onetouch’s pretty smartwatch will work with iOS, cost $149

Alcatel Onetouch wanted the world to see its new smartwatch so badly that it actually previewed the device last week ahead of its official unveiling. But at CES in Las Vegas today, the company confirmed a few juicy details we… Read more ›