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Previously Unseen Video Shows Young Steve Jobs Discussing The Macintosh [Video]

There are very few computers in history more famous than the Macintosh 128K. As a result, it’s pretty hard to unearth any new information about it. Fortunately, that is exactly what Time.com has managed to do, having discovered a video…Read more ›    [Read More…]

See a List of All Wi-Fi Networks a Mac Has Previously Connected To

Wi-Fi Knowing which wireless networks a Mac has been connected to in the past be can be helpful for a variety of reasons, including network troubleshooting, determining where a Mac has been, if a specific wifi password is recoverable, and a myriad of other technical reasons. Searching for past networks is completely different from finding currently available networks, and you won’t recover historical data from the menu bar item or otherwise excellent  [Read More…]

Reveal All Of Those App Store Purchases That You’ve Previously Hidden [iOS Tips]


Just because you’ve hidden them, it doesn’t mean they’re gone forever.

Back in October, we highlighted one of the new features in iOS 5 that allows you to hide previous App Store purchases from your ‘Purchased’ list. It’s great for removing all those apps and games that you may be ashamed of, such as Hello Kitty Parachute Paradise. But what happens if you want to reveal those purchases again? Well, thankfully  [Read More…]

See All Previously Used Defaults Commands in Mac OS X

defaults history It’s easy to lose track of all the defaults commands used to perform tweaks to Mac OS X, but with the help of the history command it’s easy to list every defaults write and accompanying defaults delete commands ever used on a Mac. Launch the Terminal to get started. See All Defaults Commands Executed To see all defaults commands, including defaults write, defaults read, defaults delete, and even those  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs Previously Asked Google to Stop Poaching Apple Employees

A court filing was unveiled recently including an email which late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs personally sent to former Google chief Eric Schmidt requesting an end to worker poaching. The email from March of 2007 specifically asked Google to put a stop to its active recruitment of an unnamed Apple engineer and alluded to stop worker poaching in general according to a report from Reuters. Jobs wrote that he “would be very pleased if your recruiting  [Read More…]

Previously Pulled 15” MacBook Air Said to be Released in Q1 2012

When the MacBook Air was first hit the market in 2010, it was initially planned to be released with an 11’’, 13’’, and 15’’ model product line. Jobs hit the stage at Apple’s Cupertino campus to deliver the announcement where he revealed a teaser of OS X Lion, FaceTime for Mac, iLife ’11, along with the MacBook Air design being the finale. The new design offered justification for the product line’s “Air” title, with a  [Read More…]

Disable Restoration Of Previously Open Windows In The Lion Preview App [OS X Tips]

You’ll either love or hate Mac OS X Lion’s Restore feature. If you didn’t know it the Restore feature kicks in when you relaunch an app. All the windows that were open the last time you used that app are open again and restored when the app launches again. Although Restore works great for some apps like Safari I don’t really like how it works for the Preview app. Lucky  [Read More…]