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Get these iOS games at firecrackin’ July 4th prices

Happy July 4! While you’ve probably got plans with friends and family — or a date with a BBQ — appmakers are hoping you’ll have a bit of time for iOS gaming over the holiday, too. I’ve written before about… Read more ›

The iPod touch tends to be a forgotten device compared to the iPhone and iPad, but Apple hasn’t abandoned it. In fact, the 16GB iPod touch just got supercharged, and prices have been slashed on the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB… Read more ›

Amazon’s rumored smartphone might be loaded with radical new hardware and strange UI gestures, but its most powerful feature could be its ability to drive down mobile data prices. A specialized data plan called Amazon Prime Data will make its… Read more ›

Apple Slashes Prices On Retina iPad Mini Refurbs

Apple has begun selling refurbished models of the iPad mini with Retina display for about 15% off in its online store. Only WiFi models are being offered right now in 32GB and 64GB variants. A 32GB Retina iPad mini refurb… Read more ›

Apple’s shares closed at 1.4 percent lower for Tuesday’s trading — ending the day at $ 553.13. The reason in a nutshell: that Wells Fargo changed its rating for Apple from “outperform” to “market perform”. While this downgrade wasn’t accompanied by… Read more ›     

minivalue  Ever wondered why you can’t pick up a cheap used Mac Mini? No, me either – I always figured the new ones were already cheap enough. But the answer is both interesting and unsurprising. Unsurprsing, because it’s just down to supply and demand. Interesting because – well, let’s ask some people who really know [...]

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Save a few bucks, buy some software. It seems like summer is just getting started but Best Buy is anxious to start raking in some money from the upcoming back-to-school season. To kick things off, Best Buy just reduced the price on two of the most popular MacBook Pros by $200. Students can get a 13-inch MacBook Pro with 4GB of RAM [...]

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Apple might unveil a new iPad mini at WWDC, but if the rumors are true that it might not have a Retina display, then you might want to consider getting a first gen iPad mini.

The Online Apple Store just dropped the price on all refurbished iPad mini and iPad 4 models today. The price drops aren’t huge (although a lot of models are not $ 100 cheaper than a brand new  [Read More...]


Over the last few weeks, T-Mobile has stolen a lot of the prepaid carriers’ thunder with its new “Uncarrier” plans. But Cricket Wireless is eager to make sure no one forgets about it.

Starting today, Cricket Wireless is cutting the price of its iPhone plans to help it compete against the likes of T-Mobile and AT&T. The new family bundle plan offered by Cricket includes two smartphone plans for $ 40 each  [Read More...]


Despite all its problems with the ‘iPhone’ trademark in Brazil, Apple is trying to get its devices in as many Brazilian hands as possible by slashing prices on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

The Online Apple Store in Brazil has just issued some pretty huge price cuts on the iPhone for customers in Brazil so that it sells closer to the unsubsidized cost of units in North America.

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