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Apple Watch Pricing, Pre-Orders, & Release Date Revealed

Apple spent a good amount of time detailing specifics about the Apple Watch product, revealing pricing, pre-orders, and a specific release date. If you’re still not sure what Apple Watch does, it does quite a bit right out of the box and will do more as developers work on more apps for the platform. At … Read More

Sling TV opens early access and reveals pricing for extra channel packages

Dish’s new Sling TV service has been dubbed as a cord-cutters dream. It finally gives non-cable subscribers the ability to tune into ESPN and other premium channels for just $ 20 a monthly, but the company just revealed its new channel… Read more ›

Crystal Baller: Fireproof Macs, Apple Watch pricing, and 5 other wild rumors

iPhone 6 Pricing, Starts at $199

The all new iPhone 6 has been announced, and pricing closely follows prior iPhone models. But there’s a catch; the two upper-end models have both doubled their capacity without raising the prices. That means that if you skip the intro-model of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, you’ll get twice as much storage capacity. … Read More

Read all about it: Apple settles eBook pricing suit

Apple has settled out of court in the latest eBooks price fixing suit brought against the company. It was set to go before a jury next month, with potential damages being as much as $ 840 million. The terms of the… Read more ›

iPhone 5c is Here: Pricing, Pre-Orders, Release Date

Apple has announced the iPhone 5c, a colorful variation of the iPhone 5 that features plastic enclosures rather than the aluminum casing that was prominent on last years models. Internally, the 5c is the same as the 5, though it ships with iOS 7 preinstalled, with a background wallpaper matched to the color of the iPhone model. Colors are white, a salmon pink, yellow, baby blue, and bright green.

iPhone 5c

The  [Read More…]

iPhone 5s: Features, Pricing, Release Date

Apple has announced the iPhone 5s, the new upper-end iPhone model that comes with some pretty interesting features.Though the iPhone 5s is based upon the same aluminum enclosure as the prior iPhone 5 model, it is now offered in two revised color options including a new black (called space grey), the familiar white, and an entirely new gold color.

iPhone 5s

These colors are obviously much more subdued than what is offered  [Read More…]

Penguin Reaches Deal With EU To Drop Apple E-Book Pricing

flipboard_ibooksThe European Commission announced today that it has reached a deal with publisher Penguin regarding the e-book price fixing charges raised by the EU back in 2012. Like the four other publishers charged with colluding with Apple to fix the price of e-books, Penguin has agreed to ditch Apple’s agency model for e-books that let […]

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Redbox Instant By Verizon Launch Date and Pricing Details Leaked

Redbox Instant by Verizon, the Netflix competitor by, well, Verizon, just became a bit more real today, as details released onto the web.

According to GigaOm, the streaming video service will charge customers as little as $ 6 per month, have apps for Android, iOS, and Xbox 360, and will go live as early as December 17.

The service itself is currently in private beta, but the details, for some reason, are publicly  [Read More…]

Amazon Wins EU Anti-Trust Battle Against Apple’s Ebook Pricing

After an anti-trust lawsuit was launched by the European Union earlier this year to check whether or not Apple’s e-book pricing is anti-competitive, Apple and four publishers are ready to accept an offer from the EU to end the probe.

The acceptance of the offer hands Amazon a big victory in the battle for e-book pricing in Europe as it opens the door for Amazon to continue to sell online books cheaper than  [Read More…]