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3-D printed Shelby Cobra ready to lay down the rubber

The curvy roadster with the V-8 engine is the stuff of legend and the muse of copy cats. The Shelby Cobra turned racing on its head in the 1960s and though so few were ever produced, it became one of…Read more ›

3D printed wearables are a whole new level of weird

We’re still waiting to slap our wrist with Apple’s first wearable, but MIT Media Lab professor Neri Oxman has taken the wearables movement to a freaky new level by designing a new line of wearable structures that ‘grow’ organically. The…Read more ›

Scrawl On Your Printed Photos With The Vandalijst Picture Frame

vandalijst02If you take a lot of pictures on your iPhone, I can highly recommend the Canon Selphy CP900, a dye-sub photo printer which spits out 6×4 prints, and connects wirelessly to iPhones, iPads and Macs. I’ve had one for a couple months, and the result is that I have a bunch of iPhonographs littering the […]

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Ebay Exact For iOS Lets You Purchase Custom 3D Printed Products On The Go

customgrainebayexactIn its first foray into the world of 3D printing, eBay introduced its new app for iOS called eBay Exact. The new app allows users to customize and purchase 3D printed products from Sculpteo, MakerBot, and Hot Pop Factory that are built to order and shipped from each 3D printer’s facilities. Right now eBay Exact […]

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3D Printed Adapter Puts iPhone 5 Into Apple’s Universal Dock

Got a “Universal” iPhone dock? Yeah, me too, and it’s pretty useless now most of my iDevices are Lightning powered. But Shapeways user nginear can help. He’s come up with an iPhone 5 adapter which will plug straight into your dock, letting you keep on using it for at least another year or so,.

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New Lexus Ad Uses iPad To Animate Printed Page

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=640v8yBcXg8]

Take a magazine. Put an iPad behind an advert on a printed page. Behold: moving pictures.

This is one of the latest advertisements from Lexus, and in reality all the paper is doing is acting as a screen, with images projected on to it from behind. Just as huge buildings have become popular film backdrops using projection mapping technology, now simple printed pages are doing the same thing.

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MLB: We Want To Stop Selling Printed Tickets, And Apple’s Passbook Is Helping Us Get There

Passbook may not have the most comprehensive catalog of partners yet, but that doesn’t mean Apple’s digital wallet isn’t working for those who have hopped on the bandwagon.

Major League Baseball has been thrilled with the success of Passbook. After integrating with the iOS 6 service only a couple weeks ago, MLB is already seeing 12% of its e-ticket buyers opt for using digital passes on their iPhones.

According to MarketWatch:

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