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The evasi0n Web Site Now Displaying 80% Complete, Private Testing for All Tools

The evasi0n iOS 6 jailbreak is coming along slowly, but surely. This morning, the Web site was updated saying that the tool was about 75% complete and that private testing began, however the Linux tool wasn’t completed yet. Now, the evasi0n Web site displays that the tool is about 80% done, and also shows that the jailbreak is in private testing for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux included. This indicates that the Linux tool  [Read More…]

Redbox Instant Comes To Android & iOS In Private Beta

Redbox Instant, a joint-venture between Redbox and Verizon that hopes to compete with services like Netflix, has today made its debut on Android and iOS in the form of a private beta. The new app allows subscribers to stream unlimited movies to their devices for $ 8 a month. Here’s how to get on the waiting list.

The Redbox Instant apps can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play,  [Read More…]

Facebook Launches Photo Sync For iOS App, Pics Automatically Uploaded To Private Album

Today Facebook launched its new Photo Sync feature for all users of its mobile applications. So if you have the official Facebook app on your iPhone, you now have Photo Sync. It’s been added to the app without an accompanying update in the App Store.

Photo Sync automatically uploads the pictures you take on your device and stores them in a private Facebook photo album. You can then choose to share,  [Read More…]

Private Eye Checks Your Mac’s Network Connections For Free [OS X Tips]

What’s connecting to where?

If you’ve ever wondered precisely what your Mac is connecting to on the internet and when it’s doing it, there’s a new free app called Private Eye to help you out.

For many many years now, the app of choice for this kind of job was Little Snitch, and it remains the choice of professionals because of its lengthy list of advanced features.

Private Eye is a  [Read More…]

Goodbye Pinterest, Hello Pornterest: Keep Your Fetishes Private With Pinterest’s New Secret Boards

After being bombarded with requests, Pinterest is finally going to allow users to create private boards. Pinterest is calling them “Secret Boards” and rolling them out in hopes that users will use them to create their holiday shopping lists. I’d call that wishful thinking, since we all know what those “Secret Boards” are really going to be used for.

Fetishes aside, these newly introduced Secret Boards are accessible from both the  [Read More…]

Bug In New Instagram Photo Map Exposes Your Private Photos To Android Users [Updated]

Yesterday, Instagram launched version 3.0 of their iOS and Android app. Along with some new UI improvements, the coolest thing about the update is the new Photo Maps feature which allows users to organize photos via geo-location data to provide more interesting narratives for their followers.

The new Photo Maps feature is great, but it comes with some privacy concerns. Private user photos that are added to a Photo Map are  [Read More…]

Keep Your Real Phone Number Private With A Temporary One Via Burner iOS App

So, there’s a new app out there for the iPhone that will let you create a temproary number that routes to your real phone number, and can be set to stop working, or “burn,” after a set amount of time. Basically, the free Burner app comes with enough credits to create a temporary phone number called a mini-burner that expires after 20 minutes of talk time and/or 60 text messages, or  [Read More…]

Keep Your iMessages Private On Your iPhone or iPad [iOS Tips]

Keepin’ it all hush-hush.

Has this happened to you? You’re out and about with friends, and a text message (or iMessage) hits your iPhone. Being a serious iPhone user and Tweeter, of course, you’ve left your iPhone out on the tabletop. Unfortunately, the text message that shows up on your screen isn’t very flattering to the friend sitting immediately to your left. She sees it, gets upset, storms off. Nobody wins.

With  [Read More…]

8MM Movies And Private Audiences With Steve Jobs Inspire Ex-NeXT Programmer To Give Us Givit [CES 2012]

LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 For Greg Kostello, an amiable ex-Apple and NeXT software developer with a goofily winning smile, theres an intimacy and immediacy in a smaller audience. Its something Greg discovered first as a kid showing his latest home movie neighborhood blockbuster in a small garage crammed with kids. Its a lesson that deepened giving personal software demos at  [Read More…]

Activate Private Internet Browsing For Safari In iOS 5 [iOS Tips]

For those of us that have something to hide, youll be happy to know that in iOS 5 Safari offers a private internet browsing mode. Once it is toggled on it prevents Safari from compiling a history of your browser activity. By default private internet browsing is turned off, but you can quickly turn it on and leave it on from within the Settings app. Here are the steps: Launch  [Read More…]