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Tiny preamp will solve your biggest audio problems

Lust List: Beachtek DXA-SLR Ultra preamplifier Hssssssssss. Hssssssssss. I told one of my favorite photographers, Mike Kepka, that I was trying to shoot a little video, but that my audio sounded horrid. He happens to be pretty decent videographer. And a little bit of a gearhead (at least in comparison to me). “Get a Beachtek,†[…]

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El Capitan has a ton of neat new features, but no OS ever arrives completely error-free. This year’s OS X update is no different — leading some impatient online types to go so far as to label it “El Crapitan.” Some of these problems have been solved. Others haven’t. But we’ve compiled a list of […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Manufacturer denies Apple Watch production problems

Quanta’s vice chairman has seemingly denied rumors that the Apple Watch has low yield rates, and that Apple was so upset about it that it’s considered outsourcing orders to other manufacturers. In fact, according to him, Apple Watch production is no… Read more ›

Software problems push back HomeKit launch to fall

Apple announced its HomeKit platform at last year’s WWDC, but fans hoping to get a closer glimpse of Apple’s home automation platform will have to keep on waiting, as a new report claims Apple is delaying the launch of HomeKit… Read more ›

Resolving Finder Problems in OS X 10.10.3 Yosemite

Some users who have updated to OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 have discovered that Finder will misbehave wildly, sometimes becoming wildly slow and unresponsive, crashing, or using inordinately high CPU. Given that Finder is a critical component of the Mac and nearly all OS X users rely on it for file system navigation, Finder trouble can … Read More

LG mocks Samsung for its BendGate problems

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a giant iPhone 6 ripoff. And like Apple’s bigger-than-big devices, it also comes with some bending problems. Tests have found that the Galaxy S6 Edge is just as easy to bend as the iPhone 6… Read more ›

5KPlayer solves all your audio and video problems

This post is brought to you by DearMob Inc., creator of 5KPlayer. Want to stream your videos and music from your little iOS device to your Mac’s larger screen? 5KPlayer is an AirPlay-enabled HD video player, music player and video… Read more ›

Many users have a love or hate relationship with iTunes, which is required to sync an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a Mac or PC (presumably an Apple Watch too). When iTunes syncing works as intended, that’s fantastic, but sometimes things don’t work out that way. iTunes 12 in particular appears to have some … Read More

Having Safari Problems with iOS 8.2? Try This

Some users who have updated to iOS 8.2 have discovered the Safari web browser no longer works as it should on their iPhone or iPad. There seems to be a few variations of Safari issues with iOS 8.2, but typically the problems manifest as an inability for Safari to launch or stay open, Safari becoming … Read More

Apple is offering to repair certain malfunctioning MacBook Pro models sold between February 2011 and December 2013. The impacted MacBook Pro models exhibit unusual graphics behavior, including distorted screen images, outright screen failures, and even sometimes unexpected system reboots. Not all MacBook Pros sold between the time period are impacted, the machines that may be … Read More